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What fencing accessories do I need for my garden fence?

Sep 19, 2023 - 4 min read
What fencing accessories do I need for my garden fence?

Purchase a new stack of fence panels and you have a complete, brand-new looking fence that will last for years to come, right? I’m afraid not. But do not worry, we are here to help.

Your boundaries could look a lot better, and last longer, with a little support from some carefully considered fencing accessories. In this article, we explore the top five fencing accessories to consider for your next fencing project.

1. Fence posts

Your brand-new panels will not look their best if supported by old, wonky, or cracked fence posts, so be sure to consider a high-quality fence posts system. Not only will a new set of fence posts determine the structural integrity of your fencing, but also play a part in the aesthetics of your outside space too.

Now, you are probably wondering, so, what fence posts are best for my panels then? Should I choose concrete? Or perhaps timber? And what about galvanised steel? In our eyes, there is only one right answer, let us explain why.

You may not be aware of the issues that timber and concrete posts can bring to your fencing. Prone to splitting, warping, rotting, and cracking, the durability of both materials is relatively underwhelming. Then there is installation times, long-term costs and sustainability to consider. In short, we know of a much more effective choice for your fencing.

DuraPost is a complete galvanised steel fence post system available in a range of finishes. It withstands wind speeds of up to 110mph, is maintenance-free and 100% recyclable. DuraPost does not split, warp, rot, or crack like its traditional counterparts and is guaranteed to last 25 years.

If you are interested in comparing timber, concrete and galvanised steel fencing at a greater level, head over to our ultimate guide to fence posts. Here, we explore installation times, durability, aesthetics, sustainability, and even the costs of each system in a lot more detail.

2. Gate posts

With new fence posts, you are bound to need a pair of gate posts too. Gate posts are used to hold the hinges and latches when attaching the gate to your fence and are typically wider in size to support the additional weight.

Remember, your gate is only as strong as its supports. So make sure to install a strong, durable and long-lasting solution.

3. Gravel boards

Usually around 140-150mm in height, gravel boards are positioned underneath your fence panel and sit on top of the ground to protect your fencing from wet soil, debris, and insect damage.

Installing gravel boards will not only increase the durability of your fence, but help to close unsightly gaps for a neater, more professional looking finish – and more privacy too!

When it comes to selecting your gravel boards though, what are your options?

The three main types of gravel boards to choose from are timber, concrete, and composite. Unfortunately though, just like fence posts, timber and concrete are not so well-received. Composite, however, offers the ultimate solution. With the traditional aesthetics of wood, and the long-lasting capabilities of plastic, it really is a no-brainer.

Want to discover more on gravel boards? You can do so in our essential guide to gravel boards.

4. Post caps & capping rails

Many believe the purpose of post caps and capping rails are simply decorative. And yes, although they are optional, we highly recommend them. Why?

Post caps and capping rails offer extra protection against falling debris, as well as excessive rainfall and snow. Without post caps and capping rails, moisture will sit on top of your fence, causing timber panels and posts to warp, rot and split.

In short, think of post caps and capping rails as the first line of defence for your fence. By preventing water from sitting around, you will find your fence lasts longer, looks better, and does not need as much up-keep.

Fencing accessories from DuraPost

Looking for a new fencing solution that provides all the accessories you need? The DuraPost fence post system comes with matching accessories in the colour of your choice, giving you the ability to customise your fence just the way you want it. From capping rails, to post caps, gravel boards, and gate posts, DuraPost has your fencing needs covered. If you want to learn more about DuraPost, you can compare it with traditional timber and concrete options here. Alternatively, contact our expert team today, we are happy to answer any of your fencing related questions.


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