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Durapost - Josh case study


After sourcing DuraPost® through his local timber merchant, Josh has installed the system on a number of his gardening projects in the last six months, with several more planned.


When it comes to installation DuraPost® is much easier to handle than timber or concrete fence posts. This is because the DuraPost® composite gravel boards are unbelievably light in comparison to alternative products. The pre-drilled holes on the DuraPost® system also significantly reduce installation time, no longer needing to measure out the placement of the holes each time to ensure a correct fit.

I would absolutely recommend DuraPost®. It’s my first choice when it comes to full fence installations.

Josh Clark, Landscape Gardener from Suffolk

Lightweight Solution

Josh recently had a project where his client was absolutely set on using a concrete fence post and gravel board system; but due to a back injury, Josh was going to have to turn down the job. However, after he sent over some DuraPost® colour samples, they were keen to use DuraPost® instead and Josh had no trouble installing – even with his injury due to it being lighter to handle.

Built in no time

Experiencing the ease of DuraPost, Josh has now installed a number of systems and has many more planned!

"I would absolutely recommend DuraPost®. It’s my first choice when it comes to full fence installations."

Josh Clark, Landscape Gardener from Suffolk

Josh was surprised to discover…

"...I can also transport more of the system to site in my van than I would normally be able to - so less travel is required to and from my supplier, which is ideal."

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