Sold on the benefits

“My local timber yard, LumberJacks (, showed me the DuraPost range as soon as they had them in stock. The team there chatted to me about the advantages to using them and I was instantly sold.” 


Having used timber and concrete posts in the past, a particularly big selling point for him was the fact DuraPost was guaranteed not to rot, warp or crack.“I had a fence to put up where the last post would be sat on a pond edge, so using DuraPost was a no-brainer,” Josh explains. 

Making the switch was easy and, thankfully, didn’t disappoint. “Using DuraPost is a joy. They are so light – especially the gravel boards – and look great,” says Josh.  

Installation was straightforward and speedy too: “The pre-drilled holes, in particular, make for a very fast and easy fence install,” he adds. 

The results speak for themselves, as Josh confirms. Fences with the DuraPost products look incredible. I always recommend them.”  


Happy customers

Feedback from clients and homeowners has been positive too. Josh is so happy with DuraPost that he’s actually completely changed the way he approaches future fencing project bookings, no longer taking on jobs where the customer is set on concrete posts and gravel boards. 

"All my customers have been extremely happy with the results and I’ve had some very… particular people!.”

Joshua Clark, Hedges & Edges (DuraPost Trained Installer)

Problem solved

When it comes to choosing colours from the DuraPost range, the traditional earthier tones have proven popular with clients so far: “I’ve used the Sepia Brown posts and gravel boards in most of my projects, and a few using the galvanised posts.” 

More contemporary colour ways are on the cards too. “I’m putting up a fence using the Anthracite Grey products soon,” he adds. “I’m excited to see the finished fence.” 

"I’ve been self-employed for 11 years now… before that I worked for my father doing more of the maintenance side and landscaping, which is where I learned about fencing. I wish DuraPost was available back then.”

Joshua Clark, Hedges & Edges

Joshua was surprised to discover…

 "Fences with the DuraPost products look incredible… I now no longer take on jobs where the customer is set on concrete posts and gravel boards."

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