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DuraPost® - the solution to your fencing needs

A stylish, secure and maintenance-free steel post system guaranteed up to 25 years. Designed as the alternative to traditional concrete and wooden fence posts, for use with traditional or contemporary fence panels.
no more ugly fencing

Homeowners choose DuraPost® to create stylish outdoor living spaces

Whether you're creating an outdoor dining area for summer entertaining, creating kerb appeal to improve your property value or simply hiding unsightly areas of the garden such as heat pumps or wheelie bins, DuraPost® has the solution for you.

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Composite panels - authentic timber
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Metal fence posts - 25 year guarantee
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We can recommend a local DuraPost® trained installer in your area

No other fence manufacturer in the UK and Ireland hand selects and trains their own installers. Why do we do it? We know that what underpins real customer satisfaction is the reassurance you've got the right product, and the right people to bring your vision to life.

What makes DuraPost® different?

There are underlying issues with traditional fencing that DuraPost® was created to fix:

  • DuraPost® doesn't rot
  • DuraPost® won't warp and crack
  • DuraPost® is wind tested
  • DuraPost® is guaranteed for up to 25 years
  • And best of all, we personally train installers to manage the job for you.


Our fence buying guide lists all the items needed, why they are important and what to look out for when planning your project.


These items will be key to every project

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