Mary's 'absolutely brilliant' perfect Prima board fence

For years Mary had leylandii protecting her well-structured garden – about an acre that combined a lawn with cottage style planting and rewilding. But when the trees started to die-back it became apparent she would have to replace them with some form of fencing.

Whilst that may sound straightforward, Mary was faced with a particular challenge – she lives on the coast of Ireland where the gales are fierce and the salt content in the air and sea breezes can be really corrosive. She was worried that traditional fence panelling would either require a lot of maintenance or simply not stand the test of time.

Whilst doing her research, a neighbour mentioned that they had a fence made with DuraPost Prima gravel boards that, after 4 years by the sea, still looked as good as the day it was installed. Made from recycled plastic in anthracite grey, they offer high resilience, low maintenance, and have the strength to withstand rugged weather conditions. Equally important to many homeowners, they are fully recyclable again should they need to be replaced.

Mary’s husband called FRS who sent a rep within 3 days to talk about the options. They agreed to go ahead in 2-3 months’ time as the ground needed clearing. One of the things that most impressed Mary about the FRS team was that they arrived in the morning, installed the fence, and were finished and gone within the day – Mary called the whole experience ‘absolutely brilliant’.

To date the fence has withstood everything the weather and the sea has thrown at it. Mary thinks it’s slim, tidy and attractive. She was also pleased to discover the flexibility of the DuraPost gravel board system – some time after the installation she and her husband decided the back partition was too high and obscuring the sea view. No problem, they simply had that section lowered.

‘I’d definitely recommend the product and the fitters. I’ve never had a job done in one day so that was perfect. Now it’s lovely to sit in the protection of the fence with a glass of wine on a nice evening listening to the birds. It’s perfect.’

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