When it comes to erecting a new fence, various tools are required to ensure a strong and efficient installation process. For the majority of cases, holes will need to be dug in order to fix the posts in place and support the fence for the remainder of its lifetime – an extremely important part of the installation. 

For this task, a trusty digging tool must be at hand for complete comfort, performance, and safety. But not just any digging tool.

Here, we explore the risks that came with digging fence post holes and how insulated tools can mitigate any potential problems if worst comes to worst.

Why are insulated digging tools needed?

Typically, fence post holes are dug 2ft deep to give enough support for the structure. The biggest concern with this? Underground live cables. 

Without an insulate tool, accidently striking a live cable could cause serious injuries through the means of electricity.

So, let’s take a look at how insulated digging tools prevent this.

SITEMATE insulated digging tools

What is electrical insulation?

An electrical insulator refers to a material in which internal electric charges do not flow freely. This means very little current will flow through under the influence of an electric field. Put simply, electrical insulation does not let electricity flow through it easily.

Materials like rubber, fibreglass and plastic are highly resistant, making them good insulators for moderate electrical currents. Most metals are conductors of electricity however, making traditional shovels and other tools prone to passing electricity.

Insulated digging tools

There are a number of insulated digging tools available on the market, all with their own purpose. But for creating fence post holes, an insulated fencer’s graft and shovel holer are what you’ll need.

Insulated fencers graft

This tool is great for digging, especially when narrow holes are required for fence post systems such as DuraPost. An Insulated fencers graft also benefits from an extended handle to give you full control and comfort, even in tight spaces.

At Birkdale, our SITEMATE Insulated fencers graft uses a 54” fibreglass arm that complies with BS8020 1000v standards to help keep you safe during installation.

View Insulated fencers graft

Insulated fencers graft

Insulated shovel holer

An Insulated shovel holer can be used alongside your fencers graft to effectively remove dirt from holes. Simply loosen the ground using your Fencers graft and extract the dirt using an Insulated shovel holer.

View Insulated shovel holer

Insulated shovel holer

Looking for Insulated digging tools

Our entire SITEMATE range is designed for maximum speed and efficiency. With unrivalled comfort and strength across all products, our insulated digging tools have been designed with fencing contractors in mind, conforming with BS8020 1000v standards. Find out more about our SITEMATE range, or speak to an expert today.

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