A well-maintained garden fence, installed by professionals, can increase the value of a property by about 20%. However, a fence will only increase the value of your property if it has a relevant purpose, such as increasing security, privacy, keeping pets in, or upgrading and modernising for aesthetic appeal.  

There is a growing trend for a matching look in garden design and garden makeovers. For example if you have Grey (Anthracite) windows in your house, facias and soffits in grey, a front door in grey and deck in grey a fence post in grey will add to the aesthetic appeal.

Anthracite Grey Fence and AccentsMatch fence to house colours

Privacy in your Garden

Privacy is important to homeowners and especially something looked for by property buyers, often where a house fronts a main road, public footpath or is close to the property next-door a good fence like a closeboard or double hit & miss will give full privacy. It is your right to wear your pyjamas all day and your neighbours not see you! 

Security is a key concern to many new buyers, we have expensive pets, tools, bikes. DuraPost panels are fixed in with screws and offer a cover strip as a further security measure. Fences that are difficult to climb over such as vertical designs make it difficult and harder to get entry.

Different Fence Panels to Keep Dogs Safe

  • Wood fencing is a classic choice that offers privacy and security for your garden 
  • Composite fences might be one of the best fences for dogs, they cannot be climbed easily (and believe me dogs can climb!) and can be washed down, don’t require the need to be painted (paint can be harmful to pets)

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DuraPost Installer Scheme Manager

Ben has been working with our 'Trained Installers' since the inception of the scheme. As DuraPost Installer Scheme Manager, Ben knows all the ins and outs of the DuraPost fencing system.

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