Lending a Helping Hand

At Birkdale we believe that we have a responsibility to offer help where we can. This is why we make monthly donations to the Rapid Relief Team. RRT is a network of over 14,500 volunteers across 14 countries who give their time to deliver hope and relief to those in need. They, like us, believe in action and supporting communities in need. In the UK the main causes they support are:


Emergency and Disaster Relief

When natural disasters unfold, RRT steps in to serve emergency services with quality food and refreshments, and provide tangible support to those affected.


RRT has a heart for the homeless, and supports homeless missions across the globe by serving meals and donating blankets and other essential items.


RRT volunteers help bring joy into the life of disadvantaged youth by supporting youth-focused charities that empower young people to grow beyond adversities.

Health and Disability

When it comes to health and disability, RRT steps in to support government and charitable organisations that raise vital funds and awareness for related causes.

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