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Installing DuraPost® Capping Rail

Sep 14, 2023
Installing DuraPost® Capping Rail

Need help installing your DuraPost® capping rails?

This installation guide provides easy-to-follow steps and a video for advice on how to fit your capping rails properly to ensure a stylish finish and secure fit.

The DuraPost® Capping Rail complements fence panels and provides an extra finish to any fencing. It is used alongside DuraPost® post caps.

  • Having already secured the inline bracket under the first post cap, mark the centre line along the top rail using the inline bracket as a guide.
  • Fix the capping clips with screws to the rail along this centre line making sure they are evenly spaced out along the panel between the posts.
  • Hook the capping rail over the inline bracket and press firmly down to secure.
  • For the end post, place the post cap insert on to the in-line bracket and screw down into the panel.
  • An end post will only need one inline bracket, but each post in between will need two inline brackets, facing opposite ways for the rails to hook onto.
  • When fitting a corner cap, an inline bracket and a 90 degree bracket are required for the rails to hook onto.

Please watch the easy to follow video here:

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