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DuraPost® Capping Rail to Timber Panel Fencing

Nov 09, 2023
DuraPost® Capping Rail to Timber Panel Fencing

One question we get regularly is, 'How do I fit the DuraPost® Capping Rail to a Timber fence panel?'.

The answer to this question is shown in the video below!

How do I fix aluminium capping to a wooden panel fence? Especially between caps so here we've got the wooden panel, anthracite grey post, leaving posts 10-15mm proud to allow us to position the cap.

The first thing we are going to do is make some centre marks. so we've got an 1800mm panel, so we're going to mark this at 900mm.

We want the centre of the post, which isn't always the centre of the panel as the panel isn't always 50mm. So the gap we have here is 50mm. The panel we are using is 45mm so we're going to measure from this edge and the centre of the rail will be 25mm from this far edge as it is tight against the post. put a little cross there. allowing us to completely line up the capping with the cap.

the nest step is to position lightly the caps. without fixing them, position on the post caps on each end. 

Make 2 small marks where the cap finishes for the next step.

Next step remove the caps, and secure on the capping rail clips. here we are using the BZP, and this is the clip we recommend. It is secure, and it enables you to also join the capping if required.

Fix the cap down using the mark but just fixing, securing with one screw, not overtightening. We want it loose enough to be able to swivel it. Your capping rail which we've cut to size so the measurement for our capping rail are between the two marks we have made. And measured that accurately which in this is is 1735mm.

Remove the film from the capping rail. Swivel the clip round and simply slide on the capping rail onto the centre, then rotate it round so it covers the cop of the panel.

Using the same clip as used in the centre, we slide that into one end of the capping rail. Leave it protruding out slightly, allowing us to fix it to the panel.

The critical thing here is that we position the clip in the other end, before we fix it.

Align the metal with the edge of the line you have marked on the timber capping previously. Secure with the screw. Don't overtighten.

we can now position the post cap, The post cap locates over the post top, we have two screw positions here so we choose the one to fix into the timber capping. And position our top cap over the post cap. Then slide the capping rail up to the cap.

We've got a perfect finish here, nice and secure - no one can come along and pull the capping off at any time. 

Using a philips bit here so that's not a pozi, it's a philips. And the self colour that comes with the cap kit, and we just put one through the front here to secure it.

Nice and secure, matching screw, great finish.

DuraPost® products shown in this video:

  • DuraPost® Capping Rail - 808165A
  • DuraPost® Post Cap with Bracket - 739075A
  • DuraPost® Capping Rail Clip - 8080202
  • DuraPost® Capping Rail In-Line Bracket

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