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up to 25 year guarantee
crafted from sustainable materials
exceptional strength & durability

DuraPost® fencing collections - panels and posts

DuraPost® steel fence posts and composite fence panels

The ultimate fencing system

Choose steel fence posts to avoid the pitfalls of concrete and timber. Select composite fence panels with traditional style wood grain finish with Urban or Vento. Or perhaps a more contemporary aesthetic with Prima or Sleek. Whichever you choose, it will be:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Modular, with straightforward assembly
  • Sustainable, from a carbon neutral business
  • Guaranteed for up to 25 years
  • Fence panels
  • Fence posts
  • Gravel boards
  • Z-Boards
  • Fixings
  • Caps & Rails
  • Gates

Fence panels

Affordable luxury composite and aluminium fencing by DuraPost®. Your stylish, sustainable and practical alternative to traditional timber fencing. A smart choice for your outdoor space, bringing you effortless elegance year after year. By choosing composite or aluminium fencing from DuraPost®, you'll not only enjoy peace of mind, but contribute to a more sustainable future.

Select natural wood finishes from a variety of timeless colours with Urban and Vento composite fencing styles. Or opt for modern minimalism with Prima composite and Sleek aluminium styles. DuraPost® combines form, function, and the peace of mind of an up to 15 year guarantee.

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Fence posts

DuraPost® steel fence posts make the challenges posed by traditional concrete and wooden fence posts a thing of the past. Light, durable and stylish, they won't rot, crack or warp. Plus they offer complete peace of mind thanks to a guarantee of up to 25 years. 

When they finally require replacing, DuraPost® steel posts are 100% recyclable, making them the perfect option for those looking to make sustainable living choices. Compatible with all types and styles of fence panels, you'll enjoy the flexibility to pair them with traditional timber panels or modern composite and aluminium.

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Gravel boards

Integral to your fence, gravel boards sit beneath it protecting against water damage, debris, insects and more. Gravel boards can be colour matched, for a sleek look.

Crafted from advanced composite plastic, they offer high UV stability to preserve their colour through the seasons. Unlike traditional wooden gravel boards they won't rot or warp, and provide a lightweight, stylish alternative to a concrete gravel board.

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The DuraPost® Z-Board is a cutting-edge gravel board designed to work with the DuraPost® fence post. They can be colour matched to your posts and panels. Made from glass-reinforced pultruded plastic, the Z-Board weighs 75% less than concrete gravel boards while maintaining strength.

The unique Z-shape design ensures that Z-Boards take up 80% less space when stacked compared to conventional options, are maintenance-free and easy to install. They may be used as a single gravel board to protect your fencing, or stacked to create a full fence panel.

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Fence fixings are the items which hold everything together. They include screws and brackets. Most customers choose to have colour matched fixings for their fence.

As with all other DuraPost® and Birkdale products they are made to exacting standards and are designed to last.

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Caps & Rails

A capping rail is the finishing touch to your fence and sits on the very top to provide a perfect frame.

A cap is simply something which fits nicely on top of your fence post, for decorative and protective reasons. Firstly to protect the post from water and secondly to make the post look more stylish. Choose colour matched rails and caps for your fence.

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When choosing a gate for your fence, there are several important factors to consider including privacy, security and aesthetics. DuraPost® offers the best solution in the market.

The DuraPost® Gate Frame gives you the flexibility to build a gate to your individual taste. Colour match the frame to your design. Select your preferred infill, choose composite or timber. Then adjust to your dimensions. 

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DuraPost® - Inspired by the outdoors

Why choose DuraPost®?

We believe every garden or outdoor space deserves to be framed with stunning fencing. In DuraPost®, we have created a modern, stylish fencing system that combines timeless design with advanced, long-lasting materials, able to withstand the forces of nature. Developed around an innovative H-shaped post design, the DuraPost® system comprises sturdy cold rolled galvanised steel posts, and durable composite panels that won't rot or crack. Manufactured to exacting standards by experienced UK designers and craftspeople, DuraPost® embodies the sustainable principles to which our zero-carbon business is committed. Effortless to install, maintenance-free, and backed by our guarantee of up to 25 years, DuraPost® will help you embrace the joy of your great outdoors.

DuraPost® - Unlike timber, it's designed to go the distance

DuraPost® thrives in the UK's harsh, unforgiving conditions. Impervious to the rotting or cracking of its wooden or concrete predecessors, it offers year after year of reliable, maintenance-free service. DuraPost® has also been exhaustively tested to withstand the high winds that each year reduce thousands of fences to firewood. The DuraPost® system is available in a selection of rich colours, designed to enhance and complement the natural features of any outdoor space. And at a fraction of the weight of concrete posts, it can be installed quickly, easily, and with confidence.

DuraPost® - A core of steel

Crafted in the UK from sustainable materials (made from 50% recycled steel and 100% recyclable at end of life), DuraPost® steel fence posts not only enhance your environment, but are kinder to the world beyond it. The foundation of the DuraPost® system is the robust yet lightweight cold rolled galvanised steel post. Weighing 80% less that the equivalent concrete post, its unique H-shaped design was born of our team's unrivalled insight and experience in fencing. DuraPost® offers the flexibility to work with almost any fence panel or board. Trusted by fence installers across the UK, DuraPost® fence posts are widely used with both traditional fencing materials and our composite panels. DuraPost® delivers performance and long-term resilience unmatched by wooden and concrete alternatives. 

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