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DuraPost® Intellectual Property

Where innovation meets durability in the world of fencing solutions.
There's no fence post like it.

DuraPost® Steel Fence Post System

Welcome to Durapost®, where innovation meets durability in the world of fencing solutions. Our patented cold rolled galvanised steel fence post system, designed by Birkdale and made in the UK is manufactured to EN 10346, stands out as a testament to cutting-edge product design and engineering excellence. Unlike traditional fence posts made of concrete or timber, Durapost® offers a lightweight yet stronger and more durable alternative, revolutionising the fencing industry.

Design Innovation
At the heart of Durapost® lies a commitment to design innovation. Our steel fence posts are not only sleek and modern but also engineered for optimal strength and longevity. The patented design, with 20 µm of galvanisation, ensures that Durapost® surpasses traditional posts in terms of durability, making it the ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Unmatched Durability
Durapost® takes pride in being a game-changer in the fencing market. With a guarantee of up to 25 years, our pre-galvanised steel posts provide unparalleled resistance to corrosion. For those seeking enhanced durability and a touch of customisation, our steel posts can be powder-coated to BS 13438, offering a variety of finishes including Galvanised, Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), Sepia Brown (RAL 8014), Olive Grey (RAL 7002), and Black (RAL 9005).

Powder Coating Excellence
Our powder-coating process sets us apart. Unlike conventional liquid paint, our polyester powder-coating is applied electrostatically and cured under heat or ultraviolet light, resulting in a tough finish that outlasts traditional paint. The range of colours, textures, and gloss levels we offer ensures that your Durapost® not only provides security but also adds aesthetic appeal to your property.

Certified Quality
All our products adhere to the industry-standard BS-13438, and our powders have certified industry approval, available on request. Our eight-stage pre-treatment process guarantees the best adhesion for coatings, utilising the latest conversion coating technologies that perform exceptionally well on steel, zinc, and aluminium substrates.

Tested for Excellence
Durapost® undergoes rigorous testing, including salt spray tests, impact resistance assessments, scratch resistance evaluations, and humidity tests, all meeting or exceeding industry standards. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that every Durapost® stands the test of time.

Registered Designs and Patents
Durapost® is not just a fence post; it's a registered design and patented innovation made in the UK. Our Classic Fence Post boasts Registered Design No 005518B2575681 and Patented GB2575681, while our Commercial Fence Post holds Registered Design No 005518057-001 and Patented GB2576969.

Choose Durapost® for a fencing solution that transcends tradition, combining design innovation, unmatched durability, and certified quality. Elevate your property with the future of fencing technology. Durapost® - Where Strength Meets Style.

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