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Composite Fencing Guide - Complete 101 Guide

Sep 19, 2023 - 4 min read
Composite Fencing Guide - Complete 101 Guide

Whether your fence is damaged and needs replacing, or you’re simply looking to update the look of your outside space, selecting a new fence can seem like quite the challenge – well, at least to begin with.

But gain a good understanding of your options, including which type of fence suits your needs best, and you’ll soon come to the realisation that it’s not all that daunting. In fact, it’s fairly straightforward.

Composite fencing is one of those options, preferred by many homeowners over traditional timber panels. So, continue reading on to find out what composite fencing is, its pros and cons, and everything else you need to know. Could composite fencing be the ultimate choice for your outdoor space?

What is composite fencing?

As opposed to traditional fence panels which are found mainly in older gardens, composite fencing offers a new approach to securing your boundary.

Composite fencing is made from a mixture of wood and plastic (typically recycled plastic). The texture in the wood retains a natural and authentic look, whilst the plastic content offers incredible strength for a longer-lasting solution.

The pros and cons of composite fencing

Durable – Wood panels reinforced with plastic will last significantly longer than standard timber panels.
Composite fencing is extremely durable and long-lasting so won’t let you down.
Sustainable – Due to the longevity that composite fencing has to offer, fewer replacement panels are needed over time, which reduces the demand for tree harvesting. Composite fencing is often made from recycled plastic too.
Rot and mould resistant – Thanks to its plastic content, composite fencing is extremely rot and mould resistant.
Natural wood finish – If the natural beauty of traditional panels draws you in, you won’t be disappointed with a range of composite options. Choose from a selection of finishes to complete your desired look, whether that be modern or a more traditional style of fence.
Low maintenance – Unlike traditional fence panels, composite fencing requires little to no maintenance.
With zero chance of the composite cracking or splintering, fence repairs are a thing of the past.
Easy installation – Composite fencing is lightweight and easy to work with.

Initial costs – With so many benefits supporting the use of composite fencing, there had to be a catch.

Composite fencing can be pricier than traditional softwood options. But that’s not to say you should be put off. Once you calculate the long-term costs of a less reliable option, the pricier composite fence is usually a smarter investment in the long run.

How long will a composite fence last?

Composite fencing is a long-lasting product and will perform similar to the composite decking products we are becoming familiar with these days. You can expect a lifespan of 15 years or longer from composite fencing.

Tip: Consider using composite fencing around your outdoor entertaining space to help create the perfect 'life outdoors' feel!

How to install a composite fence

Depending on the composite fence product you opt for, there will be varying recommendations on how to install it.

Composite fencing from DuraPost is straightforward and easy to achieve. Using composite boards in a stacked configuration, your composite fence panels can be installed with a single pair of hands in no time at all. Simply place each composite board on top of the other, starting from the ground up. They’re designed to slot in with ease, working in perfect combination with the DuraPost fence post system.

The DuraPost composite boards make for an excellent fence - they won’t rot, nor do they require any maintenance. Simply install with our DuraPost fence post system and enjoy a long-lasting composite fence for up to 25 years guaranteed!

Why not explore more on DuraPost today or speak with our expert team for help. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and would love to talk you through the DuraPost composite fence system.


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