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ellumière 12V Garden Lighting

Fully waterproof and with a two-year warranty, ellumière is the easiest 12V 'Plug n Play' garden lightning system around.

What do I need to buy to create lighting in my garden?

ellumière supplies the simplest and most effective 12v Garden Lighting system in the UK. Follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Select your lights
  • Choose connectors & cables
  • Grab a transformer
step 1 - garden lights
What type of garden lights should I buy?

Your guide to garden lights

Garden lights come in 3 different types and are designed to help you light different parts of your garden. Choose deck lights for your decking and patio areas. Choose bollard lights for your path. And choose spotlights to provide highlights of key features throughout your garden.

step 2 - connectors & cables
What connectors and cables do I need for garden lighting?

Your guide to connectors & cables

Now you have your lights, how do you connect them together? You need connectors and cables for that job. For each light in your sequence you will need a T-Connector (except the last light). Measure the distance between each light and order lengths of cable accordingly. And lastly measure the distance from your power supply to the first light to the power supply and order accordingly.

step 3 - transformers
How do I power my garden lights?

Your guide to transformers

The last step is to get power to your lights. For that you simply need to grab a transformer. The transformer plugs into the mains, and then connect to your cable. It really is that simple.

12V Garden Lighting Solutions

Easy to install, no electrician required

Need some help designing your garden lighting layout?

Designing the layout of the lights in your garden can seem like an onerous task. To help take away the stress we've designed a plan for you to download and print. The plan will guide you through each step and help you create a sketch of your perfect garden lighting layout.

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