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Discover one of the largest ranges of pre-packed door and gate furniture, supplied complete with all the screws and fixings you’ll need

Security is, understandably, one of the most important features of a quality fence and gate set up, and that’s where our GATEMATE range comes in. Our industry-leading door and gate furniture - that include hinges, locks, gate kits and accessories - are the number one choice for providing peace of mind.

Tried and trusted by many happy fencers, you can count on GATEMATE. With everything you need in one handy, grab-and-go pack - featuring pictures of the product so you know exactly what you’re getting - our solutions are the ultimate in ease and reliability.

This large, comprehensive range also features unique and reliable products, like our Euro Profile Long Throw Lock that features a high-security design and excellent corrosion resistance.

GATEMATE product categories

Read below about the products we offer in the GATEMATE range. If you would like to order for your store you will need to register to become a stockist first.


Quality fittings

All the accessories your customers will ever want for their gating needs. Available in a selection of colours and finishes the range includes handles, brackets and braces, tee plates, staples, hooks, chains and ropes.


Gate hinges

The size of the hinge your customer chooses is crucial for stability and GATEMATE has you covered for all installation requirements. Multiple finishes and colours for tee, butt, scotch tee, band & hook, reversible and more.

locks and security

Peace of mind

Security is top of mind for most customers and the GATEMATE range provides all the locks and accessories to help your customer feel complete peace of mind. From padlocks to throw locks, armoured block to rimashlock, there is a lock for all situations.

bolt, latch and catch

Opened and closed

A bolt latch or catch is commonly used on gates to provide a secure and convenient way to open and close them while offering additional security for your customer. The GATEMATE range includes finishes including tower epoxy, galvanised and zinc, for tower bolts, brenton padbolts, elongated keepspring loaded bolts and more.

fence gate fixings

Finishing touches

The final parts to your customer's gate needs. Finished in galvanized and zinc there is everything from hooks to gate eyes, throw overs to gate fasteners and wheels.

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