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The most effective 12V garden lighting system in the UK

Ellumière is one of the simplest and most effective 12v garden lighting systems available. From deck lights, spotlights and bollards to transformers, connectors and sensors, we have everything you need to get your garden glowing.

Warm white spotlights in stainless steel, or black bollards with energy efficient LEDs? There’s so much more to garden lighting than automatic flood lights. Whether around your trees and plants, along a driveway or down the path, Ellumiere is the easiest way to create an impact.

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Read below about the products we offer in the ellumiere range. If you would like to order for your store you will need to become a stockist first.

step 1

Select your lights

Build your own lighting layout in 3 simple steps A little planning is all it takes to transform your customer's garden. We provide help and advice on the position of the lights, before they get going with an easy 3-step installation. Step 1: Select your lights
They can be any style or size, with a maximum of 12 lights per transformer.

step 2

Choose your connectors & cables

These come in various lengths, with a maximum 50m per transformer.

step 3

Grab a transformer

Connect them all up, plug them in and enjoy. It really is that easy.

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