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Up to 25 year guarantee


Crafted from sustainable materials

Exceptional strength & durability

Welcome to Birkdale

The UK's leading wholesale supplier of gate and fencing accessories. A business created by fencers, for fencers.

Need a fence but don’t know where to start?

Our fence buying guide lists all the items you need, why they are important, and what to look out for when you’re planning your project.

Why choose Birkdale?

High quality products to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

For over 40 years Birkdale has sought to redefine the design and manufacturing standards of fencing systems. Through constant innovation, bold thinking, and a commitment to reconciling form and function, we have earned the trust of millions. Today our products can be found enhancing outdoor spaces, great and small, throughout the UK.

Why consumers love us

We design fencing systems that redefine the outdoor experience, and create extraordinary spaces that homeowners can be proud of. Sturdy, stylish, and effortless to install, our products are built to withstand whatever the elements can throw at them, giving years of trouble-free service. And all backed up by our guarantee of up to 25 years.

Why our trade partners choose us

We understand that reputations are everything. That's why we're dedicated to helping our trade partners to serve and support their customers. Thanks to 40 years of expertise and class-leading innovation, we can offer ranges which reconcile quality and absolute customer satisfaction with healthy and consistent margins.


Find inspiration for beautiful, stylish, colour matched fencing

Hassle-free garden lighting from ellumiere

No electrician required. Just plug in and play.
It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our Trade Brands

Our customers deserve to feel secure in their homes. To help provide that invaluable peace of mind we've developed our industry-leading GATEMATE® range. It includes a wide selection of robust and durable hinges, locks, gate kits and accessories, each precision-crafted from the highest quality materials.

Our Trade Brands

Our extensive selection of fencing and decking accessories perfectly balance form and function. Each of the products in our FENCEMATE® range is durable, stylish and deigned to go the distance. From post concrete and decking accessories to post support systems and fittings, you’ll find everything you need to apply your finishing touches.

Our Trade Brands

We want to make installing our fences as effortless and enjoyable as living with them. SITEMATE® offers a selection of high-quality specialist fencing tools and fixings to ensure a fast and efficient installation. Providing customers with a perfect finish, and years of trouble-free service.

Our Trade Brands

The right lighting can reveal a whole new side to your garden. Ellumière is one of the simplest and most effective 12v garden lighting systems available. From deck lights and spotlights to transformers and sensors, we have all you need to allow the personality of your customer's garden to shine.

Our Trade Brands

The revolutionary, maintenance-free DuraPost® fencing system embodies everything we have learned in over 40 years of fencing. Modern and stylish, while lighter and tougher than traditional systems, it combines timeless design with advanced, long-lasting materials, able to withstand the forces for nature.


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