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Fence Buying Guide

Have a fence project but don't know where to start?
Our guide gives you information about all the essential items you'll need for a successful project.

What do I need to buy to build a fence?

To complete your fencing project you will need the following items from Birkdale. Below the list there is more detail on each item you will need so we can help you become an expert on fencing

  • Fence panels
  • Metal posts
  • Gravel boards
  • Colour matched fixings (screws)
  • Capping rails & post caps
  • Optional gate access
  • Postcrete (buy from your local stockist)
fence panels
What type of fence panels are there?

Traditional vs Contemporary Fence Panels

There are 3 types of panels to choose from - wooden, composite and aluminium - and DuraPost® works with all types. Choose timber fence panels for a more traditional border, whether featherboard, lap, or hit and miss. Or choose composite and aluminium fence panels such as the VENTO, URBAN and SLEEK ranges for a more contemporary, modern look. The Durapost® range of panels are strong, long lasting and secure. They are also sustainable due to being made with recycled or recyclable materials, and even come with a 'wood-effect' option.

fence posts
Which type of fence posts are the best?

Benefits of steel fence posts

DuraPost® was created to fix the common issues affecting fence posts; that concrete cracks and wood rots. DuraPost® fence posts do not rot or warp, they are light, strong and covered by a guarantee up to 25 years.
Choose from galvanised steel posts for a classic look or colourful powder coated option in a choice of colours for a more stylised look.

gravel boards
What are gravel boards?

Why gravel boards are important

Gravel boards play a crucial role in enhancing the durability of your fence. Positioned beneath the fence, they serve as a protective barrier against potential damage from water, debris, insects, and other elements. Achieve a polished appearance by selecting gravel boards that match your preferred color scheme.

The tongue and groove design facilitates easy stacking, allowing you to create a seamless full-height panel. When constructing a stacked fence or retaining soil, it's important to use a reinforced bar for added stability.

What are fence fixings and which do I need for my fence?

Fence fixings - making it secure

Fence fixings are the items which hold everything together, for securing your panels into the post use 4 x 40mm Pan Head Timber Screws. Most customers choose to have colour matched fixings for their fence.

capping rails and post caps
What are capping rails and post caps?

Capping it off

A capping rail is the finishing touch to your fence and sits on the very top to provide a perfect frame. A cap is simply something which fits nicely on top of your fence post, for decorative and protective reasons. Firstly to protect the post from water and secondly to make the post look more stylish. Choose colour matched rails and caps for your fence.

Do I need a gate for my fence?

Making an entrance

Adding a gate to your fencing system provides a variety of benefits including improved security, privacy, enhanced aesthetics, and of course convenience. It is important to consider legal requirements when installing gated access to your property, but doing so can provide you with all the benefits and increase the value of your property in the process. DuraPost offers an aluminium gate which neither rots, warps or twist and is fully adjustable to your opening.

DuraPost® - the solution to your fencing needs

A stylish, secure and maintenance-free steel post system guaranteed up to 25 years.

Designed as the alternative to traditional concrete and wooden fence posts, for use with traditional or contemporary fence panels.

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