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Improve Your Kerb Appeal - How Do You Improve Yours?

Sep 12, 2023 - 4 min read
Improve Your Kerb Appeal - How Do You Improve Yours?


You only get one chance at making a first impression of your home – especially if it comes to getting the local estate agency to add a few thou’ to the price ticket on your house sale. But, with modern fencing, dialling-up your kerb chic can be a simple yet rewarding job and one that’s bound to impress that new potential buyer and the Jones’s at number 74 into the bargain.

People have mixed views on gardens. There are those to whom they are a passion, a hobby, and a delight. You can recognise the garden enthusiast by extravagant planting, landscaping, trellising, raised beds, the obligatory Green-Man-spouting-water feature and other TV ‘garden-porn-show’ paraphernalia.

Then again there are those that see them as something of a chore. A space that requires reluctantly given TLC. Often a nuisance that takes up time they could better spend elsewhere. These are the minimalist gardeners, lots of paving, beds covered in grey slate chips with a statement delicately off-centre crab-apple tree, and a black basalt statue of the Venus de Milo. Not to forget the obligatory water feature that bubbles delicately from the mouth of a cubist frog and runs down a narrow rill before vanishing into the smallest of infinity pools.


Improve your homes kurb appeal


Despite the sort of space you have, no matter what sort of gardener you are, whatever your sense of style, if you have a garden, you almost certainly have a garden fence.

At one level your fence is your boundary – but it can be so much more than that. In many respects, it’s a picture frame, something that holds the contents of the garden together, something constant that acts as a backdrop to the changing seasons and ever-moving colours of your planting and landscaping. In spring and summer, you might hardly know it’s there. In the winter, it provides the verticals and horizontals that give the garden security in the knowledge that the next flowering is just around the corner.

In design terms your fence marks the horizon, or even horizons, of whatever sort of garden you create. It can bring the planting forward and drag the landscaping back. It may never take the lead role, but it can be the best supporting character.


Improve you homes kurb appeal


If you’re an expert gardener, a keen hobbyist, or just an honourary member of the Adam Frost fan club, you’ll appreciate the value of a good fence. You’ll grow things up it, grow things in front of it and even hang things off of it. If you’re more of an Instant Gardener, you’ll appreciate a no-nonsense fence that looks the part but is almost invisible – a true minimalist’s delight.

If you fall into the Garden Rescue category, where your garden is a bit of a mess, you’ll be amazed at how a new fence can give a space organisation and structure. Even if you fence in a piece of wilderness it becomes a dignified wilderness – one you can slowly work into quadrant by quadrant or bed by bed to conjure something quite magical.


So how do you choose the right fence to dial-up your kerb appeal. One thing both potential buyers and next-door neighbours alike will appreciate is a fence that can stand the test of time. Walk down any suburban street in just about any town and look at the front gardens and you see a complete mish-mash of fencing, most of which will definitely fall the shabby side of chic or might even be falling down.

That’s because traditional wooden fence panels need regular maintenance and treatment. Posts rot and break and panels needs painting or preserving. These are things that take away valuable time from making the most of you garden – or that you have to pay somebody else to do.

But panic not! Install a DuraPost composite fence, and you can frame your space within chic and cheerful environmentally friendly recycled HDPE and rice husk horizons that are guaranteed for 25 years. That means you can let us take care of the fencing, while you look after the garden.

There’s no easier was to improve your kerb appeal.


Improve your homes kurb appeal with DuraPost Fencing

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