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Installing DuraPost® Post Caps

Nov 09, 2023
Installing DuraPost® Post Caps

Wondering how to install our DuraPost Post Caps? Watch the video below and discover the two ways we recommend installing.



We recommend fitting DuraPost by FENCEMATE post caps in two ways

The first is when the capping rail is being used alongside the cap and the post is level with the fence panel.

The second is when no capping rail is being fitted


Option 1:

Place the post cap insert onto the inline bracket and screw down into the panel.

Place the metal cap over the plastic insert and using the colour matched screws secure the post cap into position.


Option 2:

Place the post cap insert over the post and secure with screws through the plastic insert into the fence panel.

No inline bracket is required with this option as no rail is being fitted.

Place the post cap over the insert and secure with colour matched screws.



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