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How Do I Cut DuraPost®?

Nov 09, 2023
How Do I Cut DuraPost®?

'How do I cut DuraPost?'

Sometimes DuraPost® may need to be cut to fit installation needs.

Here we have a short video showing you the best way, using a angle grinder.

We are going to explain how to cut a metal post with an angle grinder (the product we're using is DuraPost®).

The recommendation is a standard 5 inch angle grinder. Standard thin blade will do the job perfectly.

Score a line across the metal post with the angel grinder to start it off.

First saw through from the top at 90 degrees to the face of the metal post.

Second, rotate the post 180 degrees and repeat the process. Score a line, then saw through to join up with the previous cut.

DuraPost® products shown in this video:

  • DuraPost® Classic - 806240A (Anthracite Grey)

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