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Entertaining Outdoors In The Winter - The Ultimate Guide

Nov 08, 2023
Entertaining Outdoors In The Winter - The Ultimate Guide

The sound of laughter, the feeling of warm sun on your skin, a light breeze in the air… These are just a few hallmarks of outdoor entertaining that we look forward to on a summer’s night. But who said that when the temperature drops, the fun stops?

While summer may be well over, that doesn’t mean your days of alfresco dinners and outdoor entertaining are too. Here, we explore the best ways to keep your garden evenings thriving, even on the coldest and darkest nights of winter.

1. Use fencing to create cosy areas

When arranging your garden for an evening’s entertainment, a place for relaxing and socialising should be the first on your list.

You can begin with arranging a table and chairs for somewhere to sit down, have drinks, and chat. You’ll also want to provide some overhead cover, perhaps a pergola, sun sail, or umbrella – all can work well.

But one of the best, and often forgotten ways to create a cosy area in your garden, is with the use of fencing. By installing just a few metres of fencing to one or two sides of your seating area, not only can you add some extra privacy to your gathering, but make it feel a lot more snug for those attending.

Now, we’re not saying to build a huge wall by any means – a simple screen of horizontal slats works perfectly. This way, the gaps in between each slat allow the space to still feel open, while creating that sense of cosiness you’re looking for.

2. Keep guests warm with outdoor blankets & fire pits

No matter how good the outdoor entertainment is, it wouldn’t be at all fun if you were freezing to death, would it? That’s why it’s super important to have blankets at the ready, and preferably a fire pit or chimenea as well. But that’s not just for warmth reasons, we’ll get to that later on.

For a permanent, and incredible focal point in your garden, consider having an outdoor fireplace built. These can cost around £2,000 on average, but varies depending on size and materials used. If that exceeds your budget, go with a less permanent option instead.

A fire pit is the more affordable option and can also be portable/temporary. It’s a great option for a last-minute party as you can buy one relatively cheap. Although, just like a fireplace, a permanent fire pit can be designed and installed to fit perfectly in your garden.

Chimeneas are your third and cheapest option of the three. Giving off enough heat for small gatherings, chimeneas are also portable and perfect for gravel or patio areas.

3. Serve everyone’s favourite winter food & drinks

No matter how big or small a gathering is, it’s not complete without everyone’s favourite winter snacks. Figure out what foods and drinks you want to serve and do all of your prep work before a night of entertainment.

Ideally, food will be hot to help keep guests warm. Think spices, hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, and maybe some rum.

Also, remember that point we mentioned about fire pits earlier? Well, you’ll need a good heat source to toast your marshmallows!

4. Create atmosphere with garden lighting

The final point to ensuring your garden is prepared for winter comes with lighting, because without it, well, you’ll struggle seeing. But there’s a lot more to garden lighting than you might have first imagined.

Not only does garden lighting prevent you from tripping in the dark, but it also adds ambiance and style to your outside space. It creates mood as the sun fades, and brings a ton of practicality.

Garden lighting from ellumière is a great way to conjure up a magical feel outside. As an easy-to-use 12v lighting system, your chosen fixtures can be placed around your garden without the need of an electrician, so that you can enjoy the benefits of garden lighting right away. From deck lights, to spotlights, bollards, and more, ellumière have everything you need to get your garden glowing. For more information on ellumière and how your outside space can benefit, view our garden lighting page today, or contact our friendly team at Birkdale – we’re happy to help.

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