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Garden Fence Inspiration - 3 Popular Garden Fencing Trends to Consider

Sep 20, 2023 - 4 min read
Garden Fence Inspiration - 3 Popular Garden Fencing Trends to Consider

Is your garden fence looking old and tired? Is it damaged and therefore needs replacing? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Not only is your fence responsible for keeping you garden safe, secure, and private, but adds to the style and overall look of your home. So, be sure to erect a fence sooner rather than later.

However, before you rush into buying a new fence, it’s beneficial to uncover both possible fencing solutions and current fencing trends. This will provide you (and your property) with a fence you’re delighted with for years to come.

To help you choose the right fence for our garden, we’ve put together a list of the most popular fencing trends to date.

1. Accessories: How can I add style to my garden fence?

Customising all aspects of a home appeals to many, but who would have thought you can accessories your fence to match your garden furniture?

Aside from painting and choosing a fancy fence panel, there are several ways to accessories your fence. From coloured gravel boards, to fence post caps and capping rails, there’s probably a lot more to fencing than you first imagined.

With DuraPost, colour matching your fence with accessories has never been so easy. Choose from a fantastic range of colours and accessories to customise your fence just how you want it. From Anthracite and Olive Grey, to Sepia Brown, and a Galvanised Steel finish, DuraPost offers you a complete system for a stunning look to your garden. Find out more about DuraPost and its matching components here.

2. Security: Which garden fencing solution is best for security?

When it comes to fencing, security is arguably the most important. It’s what a fence is made for. There are several factors that determine the level of security in a fence. From overall strength and longevity of the fence posts, to height, and your choice of fence panel.

It’s fairly obvious that the taller your fence, the more secure it is. While closeboard fence panels offer more protection than openboard.

But what are the differences in security between timber, concrete, and steel?

Durability plays a huge part in how secure your fence is, and this is where timber falls behind. Prone to rotting and warping in wet conditions, a damaged timber fence won’t stand for long in strong winds.

Similar to timber, concrete posts are surprisingly prone to damage. Wear and tear is a major issue with concrete fence posts, especially when faced with excessive wind and rain environments. This can cause cracks and chips to the surface, exposing interior wire reinforcements – weakening the structure.

Made from galvanised steel, DuraPost doesn’t rot, split, warp, crack, or chip, giving your property the security it deserves. DuraPost even withstands winds of up to 110mph. Put simply, concrete and timber are no match to duraPost when it comes to security.

3. Sustainability: How can I make my garden fence eco-friendly?

As more and more studies around the health of our environment emerge, homeowners are exploring new ways to make a real difference. And Fencing offers a great opportunity to do so.

With the destructive aspect that concrete has on our planet, people are now moving away from concrete fence posts and exploring new, eco-friendly options to lower their carbon footprint.

Whilst timber fence posts can be manufactured using sustainable sources, the coating used to preserve the durability of timber posts can be harmful to animals and plants. As chemicals seep into the ground, soil and groundwater becomes contaminated, harming the surrounding wildlife.

So, with the un-sustainable nature of concrete and timber fence posts, are there any eco-friendly fencing solutions available?

Fortunately, there is. DuraPost is made from galvanised steel, so is endlessly recyclable. It's also guaranteed for 25 years, so won't need replacing as often as its alternatives. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option to fencing, learn more about DuraPost today.

DuraPost, the steel fence post system

Like the sound of DuraPost and want to find out more? Contact our expert team today, or use our fence builder app and start configuring your ideal fence.


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