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Durapost® Case Study: K & J Contracts & Silvervale

Sep 13, 2023
Durapost® Case Study: K & J Contracts & Silvervale

Case Study on Silvervale, Luxury Home Development in Hampshire, England.

Birkdale supplied its innovative DuraPost® fence post system for a series of up-market new-build properties located alongside the scenic Hamble River. Specified for its modern style and durability, the powder coated galvanised steel solution also helped to overcome a series of specific onsite challenges due to its light weight


Overcoming onsite challenges 

However, there were a number of onsite challenges, which Silvervale had to overcome during installation. The properties are located on a narrow residential road, so access to the site proved to be an issue.

Likewise, the early stages of the project took place in adverse weather conditions, resulting in a potential injury risk from slipping in the excavated mud. Fortunately, the light weight of DuraPost® meant that the Silvervale team could easily and safely transport the specified products in fewer trips, enabling them to get everything onsite quickly and to get on with the installation, irrespective of the weather.



Stylish and designed to last…

DuraPost® is an excellent, stylish and versatile fence post solution,” commented Murray Moggach, Managing Director at Silvervale. “Not only is it easy to install, but its durable qualities also give you peace of mind that you are installing fence posts that have been designed to last.”

The four-property development is now complete and the homes are all sold. Property developer Kevin concluded:

“If you are looking for a fencing solution that offers a unique and modern appearance, DuraPost® is ideal. I’m delighted with the finished fencing and how it perfectly complements the properties’ overall design.”

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