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DuraPost® Case Study PAR Homes.

Sep 13, 2023
DuraPost® Case Study PAR Homes.

Case Study by Neil Lloyd, PAR Homes, Wales, England.
PAR Homes specified Durapost® fence posts for its new Beacons Gate development in Brecon, Wales. The housebuilder had initially planned to install concrete fence posts, but when the team discovered Durapost® they realised there was a product on the market that would significantly improve the speed of installation, while maintaining its durability.


Harsh conditions

Brecon is located in a region of Wales that is known for strong winds and harsh conditions, so PAR Homes were well aware that their new property development needed to include a durable fencing solution. Concrete fence posts seemed to be the obvious answer, but while concrete is the most resistant fence post material, it is not aesthetically pleasing and heavy. Timber is popular due to its appearance but it can't offer a long-term weatherproof solution.


PAR Homes initially decided to go with concrete. However, early on in the project, it became clear that the concrete posts were slowing down the developers’ progress. “An employee could only carry one post at a time, and the posts themselves required a considerable amount of preparation prior to installation,” said Neil Lloyd, Contract Manager at PAR Homes. “We wanted to find a replacement that would allow us to be more efficient, whilst not having to compromise on performance and durability.”



After some research, Neil discovered Durapost® By Birkdale and the PAR Homes team visited Caerfagu Products, their local building supplier, where they acquired a small sample of DuraPost® fence posts to trial n one of the properties at Beacons Gate. This was an overwhelming success. Neil continued: “We could each carry three of the steel fence posts at a time, which drastically improved our productivity, allowing us to install twice as many DuraPosts® as concrete posts in the same period of time.”


"We could each carry three of the steel fence posts at a time, which drastically improved our productivity, allowing us to install twice the amount of DuraPosts® as concrete posts in the same space of time.”

Neil Lloyd, Contracts Manager, PAR Homes

Problem solved

Having met all of the installation and performance requirements, PAR Homes decided to go forward with the DuraPost® system throughout the Beacons Gate site, for the front and back gardens of all 119 properties.

Neil was surprised to discover…

 "...with many of the Beacons Gate properties’ fascias and windows in Anthracite Grey, the fact we could specify DuraPosts® to match really helps to bring everything together."



"It will be a good-looking site when finished, I would highly recommend the product to other developers.”

Neil Lloyd, PAR Homes











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