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Advantages of using Steel Posts for a Wooden Fence

Sep 20, 2023 - 3 min read
Advantages of using Steel Posts for a Wooden Fence

Don’t get us wrong, traditional wood can be a stylish, affordable option for a fence, and homeowners often praise the beauty offered by this natural material. However, as time goes on, wood can start to rot, warp and eventually fall. That’s why many have turned to using steel fence posts - leaving wood to the panels alone.

Here, we explore steel fence posts in further detail and the advantages of using them to support your wooden fence.

1. Longer lasting

The longevity of your fence is crucial. You don’t want to be spending time and money replacing your fence every 5 years, do you? This can be the case when opting for untreated timber.

Steel fence posts offer a stronger, longer lasting fence for your property. This will ensure a durable structure is in place to hold your wooden fence panels for years to come.

DuraPost®, a galvanised steel fence post system is guaranteed to last up to 25 years. It’s immune to warping, rotting, splitting, cracking, chipping, and can even withstand high winds

2. Maintenance-free

Timber fence posts can be kept in reasonable shape using treatments and sealers. But this takes time and becomes costly in the long run.

Steel fence posts however require minimal maintenance.

In fact, DuraPost® is completely maintenance-free.

Once installed, you won’t have to think about your fence posts again. No ongoing treatment is required, and your fence will remain as good as new.

What more? For an even, protective finish, DuraPost® is powder-coated in a choice of five colours - Olive Grey, Anthracite Grey, Sepia Brown, Black and Galvanised Silver. This helps to maintain your fence even further and adds extra durability to the galvanised steel system.

3. Cost effective

You’d assume that steel fence posts are more expensive than wood and concrete. Although, when combining the cost of both materials and installation, there’s not much difference at all.

The reality is, steel fence posts are actually more cost effective in the long run.

DuraPost® is light, easy to install and as mentioned above, longer lasting. Not only does this bring installation costs down to a minimum, but means you won’t have to spend money on repairs or an entirely new fence in the near future.

To compare the cost of installing DuraPost® for your project, enter the length of fencing you require here and view a cost breakdown against wood and concrete.

4. Sustainable

We’ve mentioned the problems with concrete and its lack of sustainability in previous blogs. With its harmful manufacturing process and negative environmental impact, concrete isn’t favoured amongst the majority of homeowners. Whilst most timber fence posts are sourced sustainably, the treatment used to maintain them can be harmful to plants and animals. The chemicals used to prevent the wood from insects and rotting seep into the ground, contaminate the soil and harm the surrounding life.

So, what makes steel fence posts sustainable?

With its endless recyclability, low energy manufacturing process and long life span, DuraPost® is a steel fence post system aimed to make a positive environmental impact.

For more information on steel fence posts and DuraPost® in particular, contact our expert team today or locate your nearest DuraPost® stockist.


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