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Best Composite Fencing UK

Nov 16, 2023
Best Composite Fencing UK

In recent times, composite fencing has become the preferred option for homeowners over traditional wooden fencing, and there are several reasons why. From longevity, to rust resistance and little to no maintenance, composite fencing can be an excellent choice for many - But is it the right choice for your garden?

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about composite fencing to ensure you make the right decision for your garden fence.

What is composite fencing?

The majority of traditional fence panels are made from hard or soft woods.

Composite fencing however is made from a mixture of plastic and real wood, which is typically recycled. The wood creates a natural and authentic looking fence, while the plastic retains incredible strength to allow for a longer lasting, more durable solution.

Is composite fencing eco-friendly?

Not only is the wood composition for composite fencing often made from recycled materials, but the longevity of the fence far outperforms any 100% wood version. This means fewer replacement fence panels will be needed, resulting in fewer trees needed to be cut down for replacements.

So, if you’ve got an eco-conscious mind and want to do you part in helping the environment, we believe composite fencing is a great solution for you.


The benefits of composite fencing

Setting aside the eco-friendliness of composite fencing, what else could help make your decision? Let’s take a look at the further benefits of composite fencing:

  • Longer lasting - Synthetic wood panels with reinforced plastic materials will last significantly longer than standard wooden fence panels. Being weather-resistant too, composite fencing are extremely long lasting and won’t let you down.
  • Rot and mould resistance - Due to its plastic component, composite fencing is extremely rot and mould resistant.
  • Natural looking finish – if you’re wanting to create a natural, timber looking fence, composite fencing allows you to do just that. With natural finish options in a range of colours, composite fencing allows you to create your desired look.
  • Easy installation – Composite fence panels slot together easily and are lightweight, resulting in a quick and efficient fencing installation.
  • Low maintenance – Composite fence panels not only last long and look great, very little maintenance is required either. With no cracking or splintering, you won’t find yourself filling any gaps in your fence.
  • Splinter proof – Due to their lightweight, honeycomb structure, composite fence panels are easy to work with, without the worry of getting splinters.
  • Composite fencing


Are there any disadvantages to composite fencing?

With so many benefits to composite fencing, there must be a catch, right?

We wouldn’t go as far as saying that, but there is of course one minor drawback – that’s the initial price.

Composite fencing can be slightly pricier than traditional softwood options, so if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful fence, softwood is your best bet. However, do bear in mind the longevity of your fence will play a part in the long-term cost effectiveness.

Think about it, it’s well worth spending that little more on the initial costs of composite fencing if it lasts longer than traditional wood. You may find yourself replacing a traditional fence for the second, or even third time before a new composite fence is needed.

Is composite fencing right for you?

With that covered, you should now have a good idea on whether or not composite fencing is right for your project. If you have any burning questions though, feel free to reach out. Our expert team are standing by and more than happy to talk all things fencing.

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