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Chinese Fence and DuraPost® Fencing

Nov 07, 2023 - 3 min read
Chinese Fence and DuraPost® Fencing

You don’t need to be Chinese to erect a Chinese Wall. What’s more they cost nothing to build – no materials and no labour involved. Then again you wouldn’t want one around your garden as it wouldn’t keep anything in, and it wouldn’t keep anything out. ‘Chinese Walls’ are entirely virtual, a conceptual ethical barrier designed to prevent the exchange of information and communication that dates back to the Wall Street Crash in 1929.

In similar fashion, a DuraPost® garden fence will also prevent communication and, at the same time, reduce noise. However, it will do a much better job of keeping your dog and children in, and the neighbour’s cat out. It will also provide an elegantly defined backdrop to your herbaceous borders and floral artistry. Even if you’re not a gardener it can add significant architectural city chic to enhance your space.



When it comes to physical Chinese walls, just about everybody has heard of the Great Wall of China, although rumours that it can be seen from outer space are apparently exaggerated. Less than 10% of the original wall survives, but it is a thing of wonder, great joy and beauty. It was never actually one single wall, but a huge area of connected defences built by different dynasties. It is estimated that at its greatest extent it provided a boundary 13,170 miles long, which is equivalent to the total perimeter of all the USA plus Alaska and Hawaii – the Emperors in Beijing had a very big ‘back garden’.

The best-preserved bit, the ones you see in photographs, is the Ming Great Wall, constructed between 1368 and 1644 CE. That alone measured 5,500 miles with many fortifications and gatehouses along the way. It’s the favourite part for trekking, although if you want to walk all of the Ming Wall you need to allow around 18 months! Alternatively, you can just trek the sections surrounding Beijing in a couple of months.



This magnificent Chinese rampart was built to keep out marauding hordes of northern tribes and certainly did its job incredibly well. So, we hear you ask, how can a DuraPost® fence possibly be better.

So here’s the thing. Various rulers started building the GWOC around 445 BCE. The Ming dynasty finally finished the job in 1644 CE. – that’s 2089 years to complete. Along the way it’s estimated that over 400,000 of the builders perished and are buried within the wall.

In comparison, whilst few of us are faced with the problem of marauding hordes, DuraPost® fencing is so light that a decent length run can be installed by one person who can then still get home in time for tea. What’s not to like about that?


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