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Fencing and Security Matters

Nov 09, 2023
Fencing and Security Matters

Mostly you build a fence around things – people talk about ‘fencing things in’. Fences can be elegant, add architectural structure to your garden and act as a great backdrop to planting. They give you a feeling of comfort, of not being overlooked, of having your own space or even creating an outdoor room.

But let’s get real. While we might be fencing things in, at the same time we’re building a barrier to keep things out. It might just be foxes or next door’s tom cat, but, in general, we’re stamping our boundaries and building a deterrent to unwanted human interest, sinister or otherwise.


Some fences protect you more thoroughly than others. Just how secure a fence you have depends on its construction and, in particular, the fence post you use. With a wooden fence post the fence panels are slipped vertically into two U-brackets. These are fixed with a screw, which can be easily removed on the outside and then easily banged through by anybody with devious intent and club hammer.

With concrete fence posts, the whole fencing panels are simply slipped into a groove in the post and not necessarily anchored. In effect they can simply be lifted up and out by nefarious characters who may wish to gain access to your property. They can also be slipped back in again to hide the ingress whilst the villains are inside – if you were on holiday, intruders could have the run of the place.


In contrast, if you install a DuraPost® fence, the panels are screwed into the fence post in multiple places from the ‘safe side’ – the inside (your side!) of your fence. We reckon a DuraPost® fence is the best deterrent possible this side of razor wire and the hound of the Baskervilles barking up a storm. It also looks much, much more attractive into the bargain.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that even a DuraPost® fence is 100% secure – but we have yet to hear about a case of the ‘DuraPost® Fence Panel Chainsaw Massacre’. When it comes to protecting your property, we think we’re onto something.

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