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Garden Lighting Plan - Plan a Lighting Scheme for your Garden

Nov 16, 2023
Garden Lighting Plan - Plan a Lighting Scheme for your Garden

When it comes to garden lighting, there are two main objectives. The first focuses on function, which aims to boost the safety and security of your outdoor space. While the second aims at aesthetics, with the hope of brining more style and ambience to the atmosphere.

However, it’s not as simple as placing a dozen spike lights around your lawn. There are different types of lighting you need to take into consideration, as well as things like voltage levels and areas that require focused light.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an expert to create your own garden lighting scheme. With just a few tips, a little planning, and the right products to hand, you’ll be on track towards a stunning lighting scheme that instantly improves the look and feel of your garden.

So, follow these five important steps on how to plan a lighting scheme for your garden.

1. Make a sketch of your garden

The first step to creating your very own garden lighting scheme starts with pen and paper (or a computer if you’d prefer to do it digitally). You’ll want to sketch out your garden area as close to scale as possible, including any trees, furniture, entrances/exits, etc.

Once the sketch is complete, mark the important areas of your garden. This could include the terrace, seating area, or perhaps a pond. Just be sure to indicate any garden features you wish to emphasise with lighting.

2. Think about areas that require most light

For many gardens, there will be an area that requires more lighting than the rest. For example, think of a seated area where you’ll likely to spend time chatting away during darker hours.

Take a look at your sketch and have a think about each area. Do some places require more functional, bright lighting? Like the entrance to your home. What about areas you wish to have more atmosphere? Perhaps a variety of accent lighting could help bring the vegetation in your garden to life.

3. Determine the type of lighting you need

With each area you’ve outlined on your sketch, you need to figure out which type of lighting is best. Think about the intensity of light and whether functional or mood lighting is needed - this will depend on what effect you’re trying to achieve.

For instance, pathways, steps, or potential trip hazards, as well as your barbeque or outdoor dining area, will benefit greatly from task lighting. This will give you the illumination needed to perform certain tasks safely.

4. Establish the direction of your lights

To achieve your desired lighting effect, you need to think about the direction your lights should face.

If you want to highlight a wall and showcase its textures, direct lighting upwards from below. Likewise, if you want to illuminate a footpath, project light onto the ground from either side. Or perhaps you like the sound of a flexible lighting scheme? Then use adjustable fixtures so you can direct the light yourself.

[light direction image]

5. Select the right voltage

Depending on the project at hand, you’ll want to select a voltage that suits - should it be low voltage (12 volts) or high voltage (240 volts)?

For DIY installations, you’ll want to opt for low voltage garden lighting. Not only can this be installed by yourself without the need of an electrician, but withstands damp weather conditions with no affect in performance. 12v lighting is safe, easy for anybody to install, and highly energy efficient.

Looking for 12v garden lighting? Take a look at Ellumiere – the easiest 12v garden lighting system on the market. Supplying spotlights, deck lights, bollard lights, cables, transformers, and everything else you need, Ellumiere can help transform your garden in just 3 easy steps.

Simply choose your lights, select your connectors, and grab a transformer. You then plug it all in and enjoy, it’s really that simple. All Ellumiere products are fully waterproof, require no electrician, and come with a 2-year warranty as well!

Need help with your garden lighting scheme?

Our expert team is happy to help with any technical queries or questions you may have. So, contact us today if you need help planning your garden lighting – we’re standing by to support your garden lighting needs and would love to chat.

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