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Garden Trends to Consider - Top Tips

Nov 08, 2023
Garden Trends to Consider - Top Tips

You’re not pleased with the current look of your garden and you’re desperate to make improvements before the BBQ season hits. We’ve all been there. The good news is, you’ve still got plenty of time to get your outdoor space ready for the summer months.

This article will focus on both existing and predicted trends to help you get more from your garden in 2024.

Countering climate change

Whether you’re watching T.V. listening to the radio, or browsing through social media, you simply can’t escape the heavily discussed topic that is climate change. It’s such an important topic in this day and age that people are now looking for products to help protect their garden from extreme heat, cold and wet conditions.


While having a beautiful garden is nice, there’s not much point spending time and effort making it look good if security is an issue. Are your gate locks secure? Is your fence weak in certain areas? Does your fence seem tall enough? These are just a few questions to help determine whether you need to focus on security before the look of your outdoor space.

If you’re looking to increase the level of security for your garden, take a look at GateMate®’s High Security Escutcheon. This premium lock offers an anti-cut, anti-drill and anti-tamper design for high intruder resistance.

Adding value to your property

It’s becoming widely recognised that home buyers are willing to spend more on properties with beautiful outdoor living spaces. In fact, a well-maintained garden can add a huge 20% to your property value. Put simply, investing in your garden pays.

Buyers look for space inside and outside when viewing a home, meaning a good size shed is usually a sought-after feature amongst home buyers. Some other ideas to add significant value to your property includes:

  • Good quality paving
  • Secure fencing and gates
  • Well maintained decking

Be sure not to go over the top when trying to add value to your property - a high maintenance garden can put off many buyers. So, ensure your garden is secure, looks stylish and doesn’t require daily maintenance.

Outdoor cooking areas

Something becoming more and more popular for garden enthusiasts are outdoor BBQ/ kitchen areas. Now, by this we don’t mean a standing BBQ hidden in the far corner of your garden. We’re talking about a nice patio space with stylish furniture, an elegant stone grill and perhaps even your very own bar. Sounds good doesn’t it? Take a look at some amazing outdoor kitchen ideas.

Stylish & secure fencing

Your fence is the main focus point of your outdoor space. Think about it, the surface area it covers is greater than anything else in your garden, so make sure you’re pleased with the look.

Not only should you aim for an aesthetically pleasing fence, it needs to do its number one job – keep your garden and home secure. A very popular way homeowners are achieving this is through DuraPost®, a fence post system that pairs the beauty of timber with the strength of steel.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, take a leap! 2024 could be the year for your garden. If you’d like any guidance or advice, our approved installers can help bring your garden ideas to life. Contact us today!

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