Our Sustainability Promise

Building a positive impact

Birkdale was formed by fencers, for fencers and in aiming to make their life easier, we consider every single detail around our products. This includes sustainability. 

Whether thinking about sustainability during new product development, recycling supplier packaging at our warehouse, or reviewing the packaging of our current range, we are continually building on the positive impact we can make. For more information on our Sustainability Promise visit our main Birkdale site.


The 100% recyclable fence post system 

For today’s homeowners, fencing contractors, landscape designers and developers, DuraPost is the responsible choice. Made from 50% recycled steel, DuraPost is 100% recyclable at its end-of-life.

We’ve even considered the sustainability of the system’s accessories; post caps and aluminium capping rails that are fully recyclable; PVC gravel boards that can be recycled up to ten further times at their end of life. And we’ll soon be bringing a composite fence panel to market that will be fully recyclable after many years of enhancing homeowner’s gardens

Manufactured in the UK 

Reducing your carbon footprint is made easier with DuraPost. With each DuraPost fence post manufactured and stocked in the UK, transportation miles are cut back significantly helping  reduce vehicle emissions.

DuraPost fence posts

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Comparing DuraPost

How does the sustainability of DuraPost compare with timber and concrete fence posts?

The process of sourcing timber fence posts involves the felling of trees, contributing to deforestation. Concrete is known to have substantial impact on the health of our environment and is extremely difficult to recycle. DuraPost is made from steel - the most recycled material on the planet, more than all other materials combined.

And with DuraPost comes a guarantee of up to 25 year’s – meaning whilst timber fencing has rotted and been replaced at least twice during that time, DuraPost fences will be standing strong.

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