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Local Government and Infrastructure

DuraPost® is lighter, stronger and lasts longer than comparable solutions making it
a sustainable, health and safety conscious, cost effective choice for commercial builds.
Improve Sustainability and Safety with Our Commercial Fencing System

Designed for residential work and civil projects such as sound-proofing around supermarkets, petrol stations, bin stores, drive-throughs, and roadside fencing, Commercial DuraPost conforms to BS EN 1794-1:2018 standards.

Housing Associations

Where Total Cost Of Ownership Counts

Those who become responsible for building management, repair and renewal, such as Housing Associations, are increasingly moving their focus from Total Cost of Build to Total Cost of Ownership. Here, the lifespan of materials and expected time-to-replacement are essential considerations and the 25 Year guarantee available with DuraPost® can have a very positive impact on the bottom line.

Fully Compliant DuraPost® Acoustic Solution

The acoustic fencing barrier solution provided by Birkdale offers a sound reduction of 27dB, as tested and compliant with the BS EN 1793-2:2018 standard. This solution is well-suited for both commercial and residential applications that demand effective noise reduction capabilities.

This fence system is built using ‘Commercial’ DuraPosts® and tongue and groove reflective acoustic timber boards. Rubber acoustic seals combine with the patented DuraPost® technology to provide a tight barrier

Bin Stores

Guarantees, Modularity, and Fire Safety Options for Your Bin Stores

Explore our sustainable bin store solutions designed for long-lasting use and minimal environmental impact.

Experience peace of mind with guarantees stretching up to 25 years, coupled with the flexibility to enhance safety through fire-rated options. Build your storage solution to suit your needs using our modular approach.

Alternatively if that doesn't suit, our bespoke design service allows us to create a solution that seamlessly integrates into your space while prioritizing sustainability and functionality.

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A sense of sustainability

Build with minimum environmental impact and materials that can be recycled

What our commercial partners say
"DuraPost® helped my Local Authority save money and reach our SDG goals on our large scale commercial projects."

Antony, Finance Officer, Metalfence Local Authority

DuraPost® Commercial Projects
At a glance
  • Made from 2.5mm galvanised steel
  • Available in 2.4m, 3m, 3.4m, 4m and 5m lengths
  • Suitable for higher fencing solutions (up to 4m above ground)
  • Conforms to BS EN 1794-1:2018 design standards
  • Static load tested to 1100kg
  • Galvanised steel supplied as standard
  • Powder coating options available

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