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Birkdale is the home of DuraPost, Ellumiere, FenceMate, GateMate and more. Scroll down to see how we can help you provide a quality service to your clients as well as save time and reduce costs.

Need quality products for your installation jobs?

If you are looking for high quality items for your installation jobs then you are in the right place. Birkdale's range of brands are made by trade professionals that demand the highest standard goods to deliver their jobs. Each brand below services a specific need, helping you get the materials to deliver high quality jobs to keep your clients happy.

specialist tools and fixings


Our SITEMATE range is understandably the first port of call for many customers. By keeping the need for maximum power, speed, and efficiency in mind, we’ve created a range of specialist fencing tools and fixings that make a high-quality installation simple for you.



Security is, understandably, one of the most important features of a quality fence and gate set up, and that’s where our GATEMATE range comes in. Our industry-leading door and gate furniture - that include hinges, locks, gate kits and accessories - are the number one choice for providing peace of mind for your clients.



When it comes to fencing and decking accessories, they’ve not only got to be strong and reliable, but look good too. Which is exactly what our FENCEMATE range does. From post concrete and decking accessories to post support systems and fittings, you will find everything you need for a sleek, stylish fence.



For any project to be successful, the foundations have to be strong. In fencing this means a robust, durable and versatile fence post system. Our products are lighter yet stronger than traditional fence posts and so much easier and quicker to install helping you to reduce your job time and costs too.



Ellumière is one of the simplest and most effective 12v garden lighting systems available. From deck lights, spotlights and bollards to transformers, connectors and sensors, we have everything you need to get your clients' garden glowing.

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