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Installing DuraPost® Composite Fencing Panels in My Garden - Vento

Sep 12, 2023 - 4 min read
Installing DuraPost® Composite Fencing Panels in My Garden - Vento

Written by Francesca Fall for DIY Blogger. Francesca offers easy and affordable DIY’s that look anything but, and will change you and your surroundings into a more positive and interesting place to be.

"Making my life and home more beautiful with a DIY attitude. I love a good project to get my teeth stuck into. I like it even better when it’s actually useful, beautiful and makes me happy" - Francesca

After five years of living in this house we recently changed our 4 foot high fences for these stunning Durapost Vento composite fence panels. Not only are they a stunning option for any garden (with several different colour combinations available) but they are built to last! These fences aren’t going anywhere for a long time!

Yes, the specifications for these fences are really very impressive but there’s so much more to them. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the one change we have made to our home that has 1, brought me the most joy and 2, made the biggest impact on how we use our house. Moving into a terraced home you know you’re going to be in close proximity to your neighbours and luckily we get on incredibly well with ours on both sides. So while having the low fences didn’t stop us using our garden, it did change how often and when we (on both sides of the fence) spent time outdoors.

We don’t have a huge amount of room outside so when both families are using the space there’s absolutely no privacy. It feels more like a shared space than our own garden and you can imagine the amount of flying objects that are constantly needing to be retrieved from either side every day. And to top it off the fences were old, worn and pretty much falling apart. I honestly don’t know why we waited so long to replace them.

Before and after installing Durapost Vento Composite Fencing

So of course our DuraPost fences were immediately a massive improvement. We chose the olive grey posts with the natural boards combination and the colours are just perfect. The view from our house into the garden makes me smile every time I glance towards the back of the house and I wasn’t expecting from raising the fence that the garden would feel bigger. Before we would rarely use or play in the space right next to the fence because we felt we were almost inside our neighbours garden. It felt like we were invading their personal space and so we would gravitate over to the other half of the garden. Now we have all this extra space and the garden feels almost new to us!


DuraPost Vento Composite Fence Panel in Natural


Everything we needed was provided by J Hubbard and Son and the installation was so quick! It took just over a day for our installers to put in the posts (link to Timelapse) and then the slats take just minutes to put in. You can watch that in this video (link to slats going in). They kept telling me they love putting these fences in so I’ll take their word for it that it’s an easy option!


Close Up of Durapost Vento Fence Panel


If you haven’t figured it out already I’m over the moon with these fences. We’ve all spent so much more time in our garden since they’ve been installed. It feels like our home has been extended!

If you’d like to find out more about the new Vento fencing system from DuraPost you can click here to order a free sample pack! You’ve got nothing to lose!

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