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Best Hinges For Heavy Wood Gate - Guide to Gate Fixings: Choose the Right Hinges

Nov 08, 2023
Best Hinges For Heavy Wood Gate - Guide to Gate Fixings: Choose the Right Hinges

When it comes to securing your garden, gate fixings should not be overlooked. Not only do they provide a visual deterrent for potential intruders, they also provide a secure boundary for your property. Yet, with a wide range of gate fixings available, it can be tough knowing what to use.

Here, we explore various gate hinges to ensure a durable and quality finish for your fence.

Tee hinges

Tee hinges, also known as Cross Garnet hinges, comprise a rectangular-shaped knuckle which fits to the gate post, and a tapered strap that fits to the gate for extra security.

They are commonly used on lightweight gates or shed doors and are available in light, medium and heavy duty gauges.

As a surface mounted hinge, Tee hinges are fairly easy to install. Simply position it in-line with your gate and fix your screws in place.

Important tip: Don’t just use any old screws to install your gate fixings. When exposed to the elements, standard screws with no surface coating can rust and corrode. We recommend using ruspert screws for maximum durability.

What size Tee hinge should I use?

Choosing the correct size hinge for your gate is crucial if you want to keep it hanging – a hinge too small simply doesn’t offer enough stability.

With Tee hinges, you’ll want to use a hinge length of at least half the width of the gate you’re hanging. For instance, a 1000mm wide gate will need a 500mm Tee hinge.

For any gates above 2100mm, a third hinge should be added to support the additional weight. Plus, if you’re hanging a gate this tall, we recommend using a strong, heavy duty hinge.

Strap hinges

These are similar to Tee hinges, they replace the rectangular knuckle with a second tapered strap. But why?

Strap hinges are typically used on bi-folding gates (where a gate is hung from another gate). So, you’d use Tee hinges to fix your gates to each gate post, and strap hinges to create your bi-folding gates.

Band & Hook hinges

Often referred to as Band and Gudgeon hinges, the Band and Hook is a much more sizeable hinge when compared to the previously mentioned Tee hinges.

The Band and Hook hinges come as two separate pieces: you have the rectangular hinge plate which attaches to the gate post, and the band which attaches to the gate itself. The hinge plate features a hook, and the band sits over this to secure it in place.

What size Band & Hook hinges should I use?

We mentioned above that the size of your Tee hinges should be at least half the width of your gate. However, the size of your Band and Hook hinges only needs to be one third (1/3) of the gate width. Similarly to the Tee hinge though, for gates over 2100mm, we recommend a third Bank and Hook hinge be added.

At Birkdale, we stock an extensive range of Band and Hook hinges for all your gate fixing needs. From adjustable, to straight, and cranked band options in black, stainless steel and ornamental finishes. Contact us for more information, or locate your nearest stockist today.

[gate hinge image]

Reversible hinges

Unlike Band and Hook hinges, the pin (or hook) is attached to the band of the Reversible hinge. Instead of using a hinge plate, Reversible hinges have two hinge cups that sit above and below the hinge pin.

Important tip: Due to the size of the hinge cups, you’ll need a bit more room on your gate post to fit this hinge. So, make sure to double-check the measurements of both your gate and gate post.

When it comes to fitting your reversible hinges, simply attach the surface of your gate/gate post using a coach bolt and screws.


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