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Best Time to Install a Garden Fence?

Nov 08, 2023
Best Time to Install a Garden Fence?

When installing a new fence for your garden, there is plenty to think about. Factors like budget, materials, and your property boundary probably spring to mind, but what about timing?

Choosing the perfect time for a fence installation can make the process a whole lot easier, and enjoyable for you. So, in this article, we go over some important things to bear in mind when it comes to installing your new fence.

Install during the dry(ish) weather of spring and summer

Preferably, you should look to install a new fence on a day without rainfall or too much humidity. Dry and mild conditions are perfect for installing a new fence as the ground will be easier to work with. Too much moisture in the ground will make placing and positioning your fence post straight that little bit trickier. On days with extreme heats, be sure to take extra precaution, as such temperatures can cause timber to split, warp and discolour.

Proper treatment will give your fence that extra protection it needs, while UV staining will help maintain its colour when exposed to long durations of sunlight.

Avoid harsh weather conditions

Harsh weather conditions can make erecting a fence much more challenging, and completely impractical in some circumstances.

While rain can be a hindrance for any outdoor work, heavy and extended periods of rain can make things much harder for fencing. Why? The earth becomes extremely wet, making it not only harder to dig fence post holes, but creates a far less stable foundation when attempting to install the posts themselves.

Continuous rain can also lead to these holes being filled with water during installation, which can have a lasting effect on the strength and stability of your posts. Especially if working with timber, pooled water can result in general moisture damage, causing some posts to rot further down the line and become weaker. This will result in a damage-prone fence that will likely need replacing a lot sooner than you’d have hoped.

A fairly obvious point, but one that should be highlighted nonetheless, is staying clear from frozen grounds. If you haven’t already guessed trying to dig through frozen soil is a complete waste of time - although can be possible using the right tools and some determination.

But what if you have no choice and need a fence up right away? Be sure to talk to a professional installer. And if you need help selecting the right person for the job, we’ve got you covered. View our recent blog on five things to consider when hiring a fencing contractor.

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