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Green or Brown Timber Fence - Difference Between Green and Brown Timber Fencing

Nov 08, 2023
Green or Brown Timber Fence - Difference Between Green and Brown Timber Fencing

When it comes to choosing products for your new fencing installation, the wide range of available options can sometimes become confusing. Not only are there different styles of fence panels, posts, and gravel boards to consider, but various materials and finishes to think about too.

Out of all things fencing, panels can be the most puzzling for those who are new to fencing. Especially when certain terminology is used to describe each product.

When searching online, you may have come across timber fencing in Green or Brown variants. But what exactly does Green and Brown timber mean and what’s the difference? Find out as we explore the answers right here.

What is Green timber fencing?

You might envisage Green timber as a similar colour to the bright Green leaves or grass in your garden. But that isn’t the case. The term ‘Green timber’ is used because the natural wooden colour of the timber has a slight hint of Green to it.

This hint of Green isn’t the intended colour, but rather just an organic result of the pressure treating process that most fencing products go through to ensure durability and a longer life.

It’s the copper-based preservatives used in the vacuuming stage of the treatment that reacts with the air and oxidises to create a slight Green hue on the surface of the timber.

Because this is a mechanical process, the shade of each Green timber can vary. But not to worry, there’s always the option of painting over your fence in the colour of your choice.

Tip: If painting over your fence, choose a light colour. This will invite and reflect more sunlight around your outside space, making it appear bigger.

What is Brown timber fencing?

Brown timber follows the same treatment process as Green timber. The only difference is a Brown dye, which is added to the copper preservatives mix. This gives the timber a traditional dark Brown appearance that most homeowners will be more familiar with.

Though, it’s worth noting that because the dye is added during the preservation process, the colour will fade over time. This happens naturally to all treated timber, but can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Is there a difference between Green and Brown timber?

As mentioned, the only difference between Green and Brown timber is the Brown dye used during preservation - this does make Brown timber slightly more expensive to buy.

So, when a product is referred to as ‘Green timber’ you’ll know that it’s been treated but left in its natural colour.

What is treated timber fencing?

We’ve mentioned that Green and Brown timber are both treated (also known as tanalised), but what does this actually mean?

Treated timber is wood that has been dipped in chemicals to help prevent insect damage, decay, rot and fungal attacks. Especially useful where timber is exposed to the elements and moisture. The treatment extends the longevity of the fencing, and is highly recommend over untreated timber.

Left in their natural, unfinished state, timber products can deteriorate quickly when exposed to outdoor environments.

When treated, Green and Brown timber are typically labelled with a ‘UC3’ or ‘UC4’ rating, with UC4 being a more vigorous and penetrative treatment than UC3.

But what’s the difference when it comes to use for fencing?

UC3 timber is treated enough to be used outdoors, but should be above ground and not in contact with the ground (e.g fencing panels). Whereas, UC4’s more vigorous treatment allows for permanent contact with the ground (e.g fence posts).

Need further advice on your fencing?

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