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How To Secure A Garden Gate

Nov 08, 2023
How To Secure A Garden Gate

It’s usually much easier for thieves to target your garden instead of breaking into your home. No matter what steps you take, the garden will always be your property’s most vulnerable space.

However, that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and accept the fact your garden is the most likely target. There’s a lot you can do to help deter and prevent unauthorised access - We’ll tell you how.

In this article, we explore ways to secure your garden using gate accessories (plus a few extra tips).

What attracts thieves to gardens?

Before we explore ways to prevent thieves from entering your garden, let’s take a look at what attracts them in the first place.

The main reason to why one in ten UK gardens are broken into each year comes purely down to the fact thieves can access them do easily. They’re in and out in seconds.

The second cause for gardens being targeted so heavily is because high valuable items are often left lying around. This includes bicycles, lawnmowers, garden tools, etc.

So, how can you better secure your garden and help prevent unauthorised access?

How can I secure my garden?

Good garden security starts with five main elements:
  • Fencing – The first thing you want to look at is your fencing. Insufficient or damaged fencing is a gold mine for thieves, so make sure it’s strong, durable, and tall enough so that your garden doesn’t become a target.
  • Gate locks – By installing a robust gate lock, you gain an additional barrier of safety for your garden against theft.
  • Lighting – Many thieves operate during dark hours of the night to avoid confrontation and getting caught. If your garden lights up to the detection of movement, it may be enough to send a thief in the opposite direction.
  • Storage – Locking valuable items away in a shed rather than leaving them out will reduce the chances of them getting stolen.
  • Additional security measures – If you’re still not satisfied, consider the benefits of CCTV. Not only will this act as a visual deterrent, but could be used to help catch and prosecute the criminal.

Which gate and fence accessories will help secure my garden?

Your gate is there for a reason – to provide easy access to the outside of your home from your garden. It shouldn’t however make access easy for strangers from the outside.

This can be prevented with a choice of a garden gate lock.

Gate locks

It’s important to have a good quality, key-operated lock for your garden gate. So, consider the following options:

  • Long throw gate locks – Great for securing timber garden gates and can be operated with a key from both sides.
  • Mortice locks – Ideal for bespoke metal gates, providing a strong level of security.
  • Haspe & staple locks – When secured with a good padlock, a good option for security purposes. However, can only be access from one side.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to install a GateMate Long Throw Lock

Fence spikes

Apart from entering via your gate, the only other option thieves have when looking to access your garden is to climb your fence. So why not put a stop to this with fence deterrent spikes.

Installed to the top of your fence, deterrent spikes act as another level of security for your garden. You wouldn’t want to climb a fence with deterrent spikes, trust us.


As a strong and reliable galvanised steel fence post system, DuraPost®
offers a fantastic way to up the security of your garden.

When combined with panel type fencing, each panel is fixed to the DuraPost®
with screws. This prevents entry by sliding up a panel, which is known to be the easiest way to get in and out of gardens quickly (a common occurrence with slotted concrete posts).

You can even extend the security of your DuraPost® using cover strips. These are installed over the screws that hold your panel in place, helping to prevent access and increase safety even further.

Enhance your garden security with accessories from Birkdale

At Birkdale, with our GateMate®, FenceMate®, and SiteMate® brands, we stock a range of garden fence and gate accessories to help secure your beloved property. From an extensive selection of security driven gate locks, through to fence spikes, and more, we’re here to make better fencing for everyone.

Locate your nearest GateMate®, FenceMate®, and SiteMate® stockists today, or contact us with any questions you have – we’re more than happy to share further advice on how to secure your garden.

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