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Recommended insulated tools for fencing

Nov 08, 2023
Recommended insulated tools for fencing

Whether you’re repairing a broken fence or building a new one, a good set of tools can make the job a whole lot easier. For fencing contractors, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest legislations, health & safety laws and best fencing tools to ensure a sturdy, safe and compliant build.

Installing fencing for construction sites require the use of insulated tools due to the danger of electrocution. This legislation must be obeyed to ensure the safety of workers. So, what are insulated fencing tools? And which are the best in the business and why?


What are insulated fencing tools?

Insulated fencing tools are designed to protect the user against injury in the event of contact with an energised source. All insulated tools must be marked with the year of insulation with an official volt rating symbol to highlight the level of resistance. In short, insulated tools protect you against electrocution.


Top insulated fencing tools

First of all, a few things must be considered when deciding on your next insulated tools:

Grip – Make sure the insulated tool provides a secure grip. This reduces the possibility of tool drop or slippage while at work, meaning less chance of injuring yourself.
Warranty – Be sure to look at both the warranty length and how the warranty will be handled. This will ensure efficiency with any potential warranty claims.
Manufacturer – The quality and performance of an insulated tool can be judged partly on the manufacturer. If buying from an established manufacture, you’ll be a lot more confident in receiving exactly what you were promised.
At Birkdale, we stock an extensive range of superior insulated tools. Our SITEMATE brand offers specialist fencing tools that are designed by contractors for contractors. With over 30 years of experience in the fencing trade, we understand the challenges you face, and it’s our mission to make fencing easier for everyone.


1. Insulated fencers graft

A great tool for digging holes, especially when narrow holes are required for fence post systems such as DuraPost. The insulated fencers graft by SITEMATE offers a 54” long arm graft that complies with BS8020 1000v standards to help keep employees safe.

View Insulated fencers graft


2. Insulated shovel holer

Offering superior strength, the insulated double shovel holer effectively digs dirt from holes. This becomes a great combination when used alongside the fencers graft. Simply loosen the ground using the fencers graft, and extract the dirt and rubble using the insulated shovel holer.

View Insulated shovel holer


3. Insulated crow bar

SITEMATE’s insulated chisel end crow bar works great for cutting through roots. The polymer finish provides comfort when working in cold weather conditions and complies with BS8020 insulated 1000v.

View Insulated crow bar


4. Insulated pick axe

A pick axe works wonders when breaking up hard surfaces such as concrete or hardened dry earth. SITEMATE’s fibreglass handled pick axe is insulated and complies with BS8020 1000v standards to ensure safety for employees.

View Insulated pick axe


5. Insulated shovel

SITEMATE offers a heavy duty insulated shovel made with forged steel. Suitable for heavy industrial use, this insulated shovel is perfect for laying cables and complies with BS8020 1000v standards.

View Insulated shovel

SITEMATE: Insulated tools features & benefits
Designed for best performance and compliance with health and safety legislations, SITEMATE’s range of insulated tools are:

Compliant with BS8020 1000v standards
Suitable for heavy duty use
Made with forged steel
Reinforced for extra strength
If you’re a fencing contractor looking for superior insulated tools, contact Birkdale today, we’d love to answer any questions you may have.

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