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What tools do you need to build a fence

Nov 07, 2023 - 4 min read
What tools do you need to build a fence

If you’re looking to channel your inner DIY and install a new garden fence this year, we’ve got you covered. Other than the materials themselves, the most important things you’ll need are proper fencing tools.

Read on as we explore the essential tools needed to ensure a safe and efficient fence installation.

Tools for planning your fence installation

Before you commit to purchasing materials, it’s best to plan where your fence will go. This will help you understand what’s needed and exactly how much of it to purchase.

There are a few worthy tools to help you measure the area and mark where your posts will go, including:


  • Measuring tape/Measuring wheel – The best way to accurately define the number of fence posts and panels you’ll need, and at what length is with a measuring wheel. Although tape measures are a great substitute, it usually requires two people to keep track of the ground you’ve measured.
  • Garden stakes – Once your fence area has been accurately measured, it’s time to mark where your fence posts will go. This can be done using garden stakes, or even sticks found in your garden, to give you the number of fence posts needed.


Essential fencing tools

Now that you’ve planned the foundations of your fence, you’ll need a reliable set of fencing tools to install it. Use the list below to ensure you have everything you need for a successful installation.

Insulated fencers graft

Designed to make digging holes for fence posts easy. Insulated fencers grafts not only help loosen the ground before digging, but offer protection against electrical currents too. Insulated fencers grafts benefit from a long, heavy duty handle for improved performance and comfort.


insulated fencers graft


Insulated shovel holer

Used alongside a fencers graft to create holes by removing dirt from the loosened ground. Insulated shovel holers enable you to quickly and safely create holes for your fence posts.


insulated shovel holer


Chisel & point crowbar

A tool that isn’t always needed but can seriously help in certain situations. If you’re installing a fence on hard or tough ground, a chisel and pint crowbar will help you get the job done. They’re also great for working in tight spaces, where using a fencers graft may be difficult.


before securing your fence posts in place, you need to make sure it’s vertically sound to avoid a weak structure and any sagging in the future. Making sure your posts are level will create a strong, professional looking fence for years to come.

Post concrete

Now strictly speaking, this isn’t a tool. However, using post concrete is an easy and reliable way to secure your posts in place. Simply fill your fence post holes 1/3rd deep with water, then pour in your post concrete mix until no standing water is visible. This will then harden around your fence post and secure it in place.

Insulated fencing tamper

If post concrete isn’t for you, an insulated fencing tamper will allow you to secure your posts in place by recycling the original earth. Just use the circular shaped head to re-place the dirt and compact for a strong hold.


Looking to purchase fencing tools for your installation?

At Birkdale, we supply the industry with an extensive range of superior fencing tools. Our superior SiteMate® products paired with our wider range of tools, provides you with everything you need for a quick, easy and quality installation. View our fencing tools range or speak to an expert at Birkdale today. We’re more than happy to help with all things fencing.

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