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Our SiteMate® range is ever growing, encompassing our great range of hard wearing tools and new range of pre-packed and boxed fixings
SiteMate® Products

If you are considering expanding your product offerings or enhancing your service capabilities, we invite you to explore the opportunity of becoming a SiteMate® stockist or installer.
As a SiteMate® stockist, you will gain access to our comprehensive range of high-quality gate hardware and accessories, designed to meet the diverse needs of your customers.
As an installer, partnering with SiteMate® offers you the advantage of working with premium products, backed by our reputation for reliability and excellence.


Our SiteMate® range is understandably the first port of call for many of our customers. By keeping the need for maximum power, speed, and efficiency in mind, we’ve created a range of specialist fencing tools and fixings that make a high-quality installation simple.

SiteMate® TOOLS

One-stop shop for tools

Thanks to our ranges within ranges, that feature a wide variety of different sizes, colours, and materials, you can consider SiteMate® your one-stop shop for tools. However detailed your requirements, we have a solution that’s exactly what you’re looking for.


Unique fixings and finishes

Our unique fixings and finishes are just as well thought out - from heavy duty bags that are tough enough to withstand big jobs to alternative screw heads that simply work better than the rest. And depending on the job, you can buy in bulk or grab a single pack. Whatever you need, consider it sorted.

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