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DuraPost® Post Cap - How do I Fit a Post Cap to DuraPost®?

Sep 14, 2023 - 2 min read
DuraPost® Post Cap - How do I Fit a Post Cap to DuraPost®?

One question we get regularly from first-time DuraPost® users is, 'How do I fit the DuraPost Post Cap'? This video answers that question and is also summarised in easy-to-follow steps below.

How do I fit the DuraPost Post Cap?

  • Make sure your H Post excess is 10-15mm above the top of your rail, be it composite fence or panel.
  • Open your Post Cap Kit, where you will find the Top Cap and the Plastic Insert, along with fixings.
  • Note the 'H' indent on the underside - this locates over the top of the post.
  • Now either fix straight down onto the rail or panel, or use the matching colour fixing screws to fix directly to the side of the post.
  • Then place your cap and bang down with your hand making sure it is level. Use the matching colour screws each side to secure - job done!

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