Birkdale case study - Damien

Securing the perimeter

Damien has just completed a Design & Build project in Baildon (West Yorkshire) with floating composite deck, Indian Stone circular pathway with all newly planted oriental borders. The first task however was securing the perimeter with over 50M of brand new fencing. Damien used a KDM Contemporary panel with horizontal palings which complements the oriental borders well.


Damien installed x13 Panels at 6ft and x17 Panels at 4ft which came in at around 54M in total, length from the back garden all the way down the side of the property and to the front driveway gate.

Quite simply a game changer as far as fencing construction goes. The look, feel and strength... All for just a few more pounds than a concrete post. It's a no brainer.

Damien, Garden Designer & Landscaper

Wind proof

Damian had priced the project up to have concrete posts and whilst awaiting the delivery, the establishment used for all timber products had introduced him to DuraPost. Damien showed DuraPost to his client as they were after a seamless aesthetic to complement the panels they were using as timber posts just wouldn’t have lasted due to the exposure to strong winds. In terms of look and ease of installation, Damien found they were a dream to use and were the perfect option for this project.

"I’d recommend DuraPost most certainly. Look and feel, strength and all for just a few more pounds than a concrete post, it’s a no brainer for us."

Damien, Garden Designer & Landscaper

Damien was surprised to discover…

"...Due to the vast weight comparison of a concrete post and thickness size, DuraPost are much more manoeuvrable to get your levels correct without the stress of having to lift back out a huge 9/10ft concrete post which can be a slog and a half."

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