Requested to install DuraPost for the first time, Oliver was intrigued as to what the new slim fence would offer that timber and concrete fence posts did not. Familiar with the weight of traditional fence posts and the restrictions some locations and jobs incur, Oliver found DuraPost to be a smart fence post solution on many levels. Oliver is now keen to use DuraPost for future installations.


Easy installation

With over 20 years’ experience as a fencing contractor, Oliver was able to easily transfer his traditional fencing methods to the DuraPost installation. While building this particular garden fence on a slight incline, DuraPost proved to be even easier to adjust to accommodate the gradient than concrete or timber posts.


It’s lighter making it much easier to transport in larger quantities and through narrow entrances such as down alleyways. I also like the aesthetics of DuraPost which my customers will appreciate too as it gives them more choice.

Oliver, Fencing contractor from Kent

Built in no time

Experiencing the simplicity of DuraPost, Oliver installed a new, stronger fence in no time!

The results

Oliver pleased his customer with a stylish fence that'll last. Satisfied with the installation process of DuraPost, Oliver is now using other FENCEMATE products his clients love.

"I’d definitely recommend DuraPost to my customers. It is much lighter making it easier to install and is aesthetically pleasing with its subtle look. I’d now look to using other FENCEMATE products."

Oliver, fencing contractor

Oliver was surprised to discover…

"The weight and the aesthetics. It’s so easy to transport and you can’t achieve the look of this post any other way. Painting a concrete post would only result in paint peeling off and you needing to repaint it every year."


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