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10 Reasons to ‘See The Light’ and Make 2024 The Year Of DuraPost®

Jul 13, 2023 - 3 min read
Man carrying DuraPost steel posts, several at once, much lighter than concrete posts and wooden posts

At this time of year, it’s natural to feel the weight of winter on your shoulders as you reflect back on another year of hard work. That’s especially the case if you work with concrete fence posts where life is all about doing the heavy lifting and then some.

The fact is your typical concrete fence posts tips the scales at around 40Kg – a corner post can be double. That’s a lot to shoulder and a bad back just waiting to happen into the bargain. Drop one on your toe and it’s a really big ‘OUCH’ (even if you have steel toecaps). More seriously it can mean days off work and that’s not good for business whether you’re a contractor or do a shift in the yard.

There is another way – brothers and sisters of the fencing industry we encourage you to ‘see the light’ and switch to using DuraPost®. And it’s not just about taking the weight off your joints. Here are 10 good reasons to make the switch.

#1. Easier to carry

Whether you work on the tools or in the yard you’ll find DuraPost® fence posts a lot easier to heft – one person can easily carry 2 and probably 3 at a time, leading to less risk of accidents. That also saves time and labour.

#2. Easier to stack & store in the yard

DuraPost® fence posts take up less room than old school concrete fence posts. That means less space is needed in the yard.

#3. More space-efficient on the way to the job and lower carbon footprint

If you’re a stockist and need to deliver you can get a lot more DuraPost® on the back of a truck than you can concrete posts. That means lower transport costs and a lower carbon footprint.

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