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Prepare Your Fence for Winter - Top Fencing Tips

Sep 20, 2023 - 3 min read
Prepare Your Fence for Winter - Top Fencing Tips

We’re now approaching the winter season. Darkness is drawing sooner, and the weather is getting colder. But what does this mean for your garden fence?

For most, winter is a lovely season, but that doesn’t mean your fence appreciates the harsh weather conditions – particularly wooden ones. To help prepare your fence (and garden) for the winter season, we’ve put together a list of actions you can take right now:

1. Prevent water damage

Snow and wood simply don’t get along. When snow melts, the remaining water can be a huge threat to your wooden fence. Not only will water damage the effectiveness of your fence by weakening the structure, but will also leave your fence posts vulnerable to insects and other environmental factors, potentially causing even more damage.

In the unfortunate circumstances that your fence takes water damage, you may need to look at replacing your entire fence - which can be a costly procedure. However, there are a number of paints and stainers which come prepared with water-proofing materials.

To test if your fence posts have been waterproofed, splash some water over the top. If it’s soaked into the wood, you’ll want to treat it accordingly. However, there’s a far better way to protect both your fence and garden during the winter season, and we'll tell you how.

Out with the wood, in with the steel
Why spend precious time and money prepping your old wooden fence when you can replace it with a system much more durable? DuraPost® is a strong and versatile fence post system made in the UK from galvanised steel. DuraPost® doesn’t rot, warp or crack, and is lighter yet stronger than traditional wooden and concrete fence posts. It's also available in a range of styles, colours and accessories to help enhance the look of your outdoor space.

All in all, by opting for a steel fence post system, you won’t have to worry about water damage.

For more information on DuraPost®, and to find out why steel fence posts systems are the ‘new normal’ for fencing, visit our DuraPost® page or start configuring your dream fence today.

2. Avoid environmental damage

Tree branches collect and store the snow that falls on them. So, if your fence manages to escape any water damage, you still have another hazard to prepare for. With enough snow, a tree branch can collapse under the added weight and fall on anything beneath it, potentially damaging your fence. To avoid this from happening, it might be a good idea to call a lumber service to remove any overhanging branches.

3. Prepare for freezing ground

When snow is settled on the ground, the hot and cold effect from thawing and freezing causes problems for your soil. The expanding/contracting destabilises its foundations, thus displacing your fence. The best way to prevent a wobbly fence, is to ensure a durable fence post system is installed professionally. We recommend using post concrete to support the foundation of your fence and keep the posts in place.

With the complete DuraPost® system you receive a durable and reliable fence guaranteed to last 25 years. This, paired with our FenceMate® post concrete, provides you with a fence made to withstand the elements.

Want to find out more about DuraPost®? Contact our expert team today. We’d love to talk you through the benefits of using such a reliable system.


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