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Are you looking for a fence post that is maintenance-free, strong and durable; as well as being light-weight and easy to install?
Look no further! By joining the DuraPost journey, you'll be part of the fencing revolution. Our galvanised steel fence posts have all the advantages of concrete without the fragility & weight.

DuraPost vs. Concrete & Timber Posts

Check out the benefits of using DuraPost and see for yourself...



Fence Posts


(Galvanised Steel)


Fence Posts

Cost 2400mm post
(inc. VAT)(Average retail advertised prices January 2021)

£19.15 £21.43 £20.57

“crossNo Guarantee

“cross15 Years (galvanised)
25 Years (powder-coated)

10 years 

 One man lift “cross “cross “cross
Security: holes for securing panels “cross “cross “cross
Doesn’t crack / rot “cross “cross “cross
Wind-Tested “cross “cross “cross
Sustainable “cross “cross Some
Recyclable “cross “cross Some
Maintenance-free “tick “cross “cross
Transport 50% less volume & weight “cross “cross “cross
Appealing design “cross “cross “tick
Quick & easy to install “cross “cross “tick

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*Standard treated home-grown softwood fence posts set in concrete can last up to ten years on average when not susceptible to damp conditions. Superior timber treatments may last longer. Concrete fence posts can last longer than 20 years but commonly fail due to frost damage and or corrosion of the reinforcing bars.

Paul Whitby

“It is worth it to be able to sit inside when the wind blows and know that the fence is safe”

Paul, Homeowner

Amanda Hackett

“I see DuraPost as adding value to this house, the fence is the first thing that people will see and this gives an impression of quality”

Amanda, Homeowner

Jamie Norris

“Metal posts are so much easier to handle which is really good if you are working on your own”

Jamie, Homeowner

DuraPost Galvanised Steel Fence Posts vs. Concrete Fence Posts: Cost Comparison

The results are for guidance only, please contact a DuraPost Stockist or Trained Installer for an accurate quote based on your requirements.

Making life easier, not harder

Why you should make switch:

  • Versatile Versatile

    Works with virtually any type of fencing

  • Simple to install Simple to install

    Even if you’re working on your own

  • Quality,  guaranteed Quality, guaranteed

    Unlike concrete posts, DuraPosts won’t break if they’re dropped

  • Made in the UK Made in the UK

    Readily available in over 275+ stockists across the UK and Ireland

The best thing since concrete.

Looking to get you new fencing project underway? Find a local stockist or trained DuraPost installer today and get started with DuraPost. 

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