So, you want to purchase a new fence but are unsure as to what size posts you need? Not to worry, we’re here to help. Find the answer you’re looking for in this blog, along with supporting information about fencing accessories too.

Recommended fence post size

Ultimately, the size of your fence posts will be determined by the size of your panels and installation method.

For instance, let’s assume you’re using post concrete to install a 1.8 meter fence.

When using post concrete, a 600mm hole is recommended for maximum strength. This is for all cases where fence panels do not surpass 2.14m in height (anything above we recommend contacting us, or any other expert).

So, with 1.8m fence panels and a 600mm hole, it’s a simple case of adding these two numbers up. In this case, 2.4m fence posts are required.

For further assistance, the table below should help you identify the fence post size you need.

Panel Height (m)

Post Hole Depth (m)

Post Height  Required (m)

0.75m – 0.89m



1.05m – 1.19m



1.40m – 1.54m



1.65m – 1.79m



2.00m – 2.14m



2.15m <

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Remember to account for gravel boards too! Typically, gravel boards are around 300 mm. so, a 1.8m fence installed with post concrete and 1 gravel board would require fence posts 2.7 meters in height.

fence post

But what if I’m not using post concrete?

When installing a fence using post spikes, or even with a fence base if laid on paving slabs, you simply need to account for the size of your panels and any gravel boards being used. For example, a 1.8m fence with two 300mm gravel boards would require fence posts of 2.4 meters. If gravel boards aren’t being used, fence panels of 1.8, would require posts of 1.8 too – I’m sure you get the point by now.

Still stuck on what size fence posts you need?

It can be a daunting task sourcing the correct materials for a new fence, we get it. But you’re not alone. At Birkdale, we’re here to make fencing better for everyone. Known nationwide for our unbeatable quality and customer service, we have a huge network of stockists and sell the largest range of fencing and gate accessories on the market today.

Whether you need assistance with the measurements of your fence, or want to learn about our fencing products, contact our expert team at Birkdale today, we’re more than happy to help.

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