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Gardening in 2020 - The Events of 2020 - Gardening Sector

Nov 09, 2023
Gardening in 2020 - The Events of 2020 - Gardening Sector

The nation has now been in lockdown for what seems like an eternity. Since March 2020, millions have been furloughed or forced to isolate at home, leaving us with plenty of time to upgrade the look and feel of our home – and the majority of us have been.

In fact, a study conducted by Aviva gives us a glimpse into home life under lockdown. Having interviewed 2,000 residents just six weeks into lockdown, Aviva found that a staggering 85% of UK residents undertook home improvement activities. Decluttering proved to be the most popular task at 56% of respondents, and gardening came a close second at 52%.

Additionally, the garden sector found consumers spent most on garden furniture, with 88 British pounds being spent on average.

Garden improvements during lockdown

Knowing many of us have spent longer in our garden than usual due to COVID-19, what improvements have we been making, and what are the current gardening trends?

1. Lawn renovation

A lawn is a great place to relax or for kids to play in, and lawn renovations are a simple and easy way to get your garden looking its best. During lockdown, many have favoured laying a new turf to get the most from their outdoor space.

But with spring already upon us, and autumn bearing in, now is the perfect time to repair any patches in your lawn with seed.

2. Compost bins

Although compost bins are available to purchase online, making your own seems the best choice during lockdown. By using old planks of wood, or repurposing a wooden pallet, homeowners can recycle garden waste using their very own compost heap – a great addition to any garden!

3. Eco-friendly upgrades

With David Attenborough’s release of ‘A life on our planet’, amongst many other warnings, more and more homeowners are realising their impact on the environment. It’s now more important than never that we look to change our mindset and garden design is a part of this.

By using sustainable materials for garden projects, introducing a range of plants to increase biodiversity, and reducing carbon footprints where possible, homeowners can make a huge difference to the health of our planet right from their garden.

For example, this could include reducing and avoiding the use of concrete fence posts. Known to be the ‘most destructive material on Earth’ concrete is said to be responsible for 4-8% of the world’s CO2, and even uses a 10th of the world’s industrial water use.

By opting for an eco-friendly fencing solution such as DuraPost, homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint, support an endlessly recyclable product, and enhance the look of their garden.

[DuraPost components image]

Enhance your garden with DuraPost

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